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Blood red parrot Growth Rate?

Hi In October 2012 I bought a small Blood Red Parrot Cichlid from Petsmart. Then When I bought him I put him in a 20 gallon tank with a 3 inch King Kong Parrot. In the tank there as also about 5 to 7 goldfish. Then The King Kong Grew to 4 inches. The Blood Red Parrot grew like 1 inch when I measure him in March 2013. Then We move and I got rid of my goldfish and just keep tmy small 2 inch Red and White Fantail goldfish and my large 5 inch common goldfish. I bought a 45 gallon tank. In my 45 gallon tank I put my 8 year old, 16 inch Pacu(I had her since she was 2 inches), My 2 goldfish I kept, and my 2 Parrot Cichlids. My fantail got eaten because he was to small. Thenmy blood red parrot just stayed at 3 inch. All the way till January he stayed that way eating tropical flakes.Then I started buying blood worms. He ate those and grew to 3 1/2 inches. I only feed 2 times a week, tried to eat floating sticks but his mouth is way to small and doesn't eat them. He aso ate flake the rest of the week. the blood worms  My King Kong parrot die in the last week of February(2014) because we lost power. I fugure that my blood red Parrot(I only have her now, King Kong die) was a girl. Now in my tank I have Her, my 18 inch pacu, a 5 inch tiger oscar, and my 6 inch common goldfish. She still eats flakes, tries to eat floating sticks, and eat blood worms 2 times a week. What should I do to make her grow fast? I know my tank is over stock and I don't want to hear crap about the pacu or my other fish.