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Biggest and longest lived or living blood parrots

Just checking to see what is the biggest blood parrot known from personal experience or rumors? And the same for longest lived or living. This is for regular blood parrots only. I got my 2 bps about 2 yrs ago when they were about an inch and a half.



I don't know who has the longest lived, but I imagine they could live longer than mine. They do slow down a bit at that age.

I believe someone mentioned on this forum who has a living 13 inch bp. but I can't tell by the pics if it really was 13 inch.

thanks - I'll adjust that post so the pics show up without having to click on them.

My 2 bps are going 4 1/2 years strong.

Sad day today. One of my 2 blood parrot past away today. He had an infection on his upper lips. I thought he would make it through like the several infections from the past. Next month would be 5 years I had him with the other blood parrot. I though he was a she when my wife named him Bella from the Twilight movie. And I named the other one Dino thinking it was a he but turned out to be a she from the Flintstones pet.

They really become like part of the family. I'm sure you will miss him.