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Parrot with large white patches

I have two Parrots that are about 6 years old they have been in the same tank for that period of time with various other Cichlids.  A few weeks ago I found one of the Parrots laying on the bottom of the tank the other swimming (no problem) I moved the sick one to a hospital tank it had changed color from orange to almost white.  I added another bubbler into the tank and after 24 hrs it seemed to be doing much better.  It's color seemed to be with some orange but white patches had formed on it's body.  The next few days the other Parrot was turning white but still had some orange but with same white patches forming as the other one.  I have both of them now in the hospital tank.  The first one that took sick is almost back to its normal color but the second one is still with large white patches.  The tank water tests okay no amonnia both nitrate and nitrite are in the safe zone.  I have been treating the tank with Aquarium salt and have done a 50% water change initially then 20% once a week therafter.  They are both acting and swimming normally and I have been feeding them the feeding blocks instead of their normal pellets. 

I have been keeping Cichlids for over 8 years and have three large aquariums ranging from 125 to 150 gallons.  I have various varieties of Cichlids from Africa and South America and so far have not had a problem with any kind of sickness.  Some over the years have passed and I always hospitalize when buying new fish for at least a month before entering them into a tank with other fish. 

Can anyone give me some advise if they know what has happened to both these fish.  I would like to put them back into their original tank but would like to find out first if there is something I should be aware of before doing so. I do not believe that this is an ich problem.