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Shy Parrot

I got a lovely female about two weeks ago, and while she's awfully sweet and gentle, she is VERY timid.

Before I go on, she's in perfect health, her color is bright, eyes are clear, she's eating fine. It's just every time I walk past the tank, or even when the dogs walk past the tank, she takes off like a bat out of hell for one of her caves. :/

I got her to come out and play with me for a little bit last week, she was following my finger, and swimming all around the tank, and while I understand that she can't do that all the time, it'd be nice if she was a little bit more...outgoing.

The tank temp is set at 84 F, I have white skirt tetras in with her as dither fish, and she's got two caves and plenty of decorations to hide behind or inside if she there anything else I can do to make her feel more at home so she'll come out of her shell?

I'm considering another parrot, I just kinda wanted to get one, have that one adjusted to the tank, and then get another so the other one wouldn't be hiding all the time as well.


I think your temp is a bit too high I would lower it to 78- 80, get another Parrot if you can that will help, also when you approach your tank kinda walk up to it slow and casually, if you just walk up on it she will scare if she is a bit timid to begin with, thats normal. I dont know if you use aquarium salt and stress coat but it does help with the fish overall health and stress level. I have fish that scare quite easy and my Parrots will jet if I quickly approach the tank. So I do what I suggest to you and they dont break for cover, good luck

I lowered the temp to 80, and got another parrot.

Now -both- of them are hiding, and the larger parrot, every time she catches the little guy out and about, she chases him and beats him up. :/

Also, I do use aquarium salt.

And I try not to approach quickly, but even if I'm inching my way toward the tank, they back up, and then they take off for a cave. :/

I just worry, because I know that they are outcompeted for food fairly easily, and with 6 tetras, 2 kribensis, and a pleco in the tank, I don't want them to starve. :/ (I should note here that I try to feed them three times a day, usually twice a day throughout the week because I have to work, and I fast them on Sundays, and feed peas on Monday.)


I'll give it more time...I'm just a little put-out. Cuz I wanted these guys because I saw people saying how great they were, and how fun they are...and all mine do is hide. :/

Have ya just pulled up a chair and sat there for a good half hour? It doesnt sound like its anything you are doing wrong. I think its just the way your fish is, but I think that if you spend time with the fish daily  (not just a couple of minutes while feeding) she'll get used to you and come out and stay out longer and more often. Dont know if anyone else has any suggestions. its normal for them to hide, my fish do, its only when I pull a chair right up to the tank and hang out with them that they come out and be social!

Haha, yes, I do that! I've actually been spending almost an hour near the tank lately, because my kribs have spawned and I'm waiting to see the fry. lol (That, and they're just entertaining to watch anyway.)

I sit near the tank, and BOTH of the parrots, I can be sitting as still as can be, they will poke their heads out of their caves, stare at me for a minute, and then sink back into hiding. The larger one -has- been out more, and is getting better about being out, but she's still not quite as lively as I thought she'd be by now. She's been home for almost a month and a half.

I think I got defective parrots. lol!

Also, should I be concerned that the big parrot isn't taking very kindly to the little one? I know she can't really hurt him because she can't close her mouth, I just worry.

When I got a new baby parrot she was the same way.  She just needs to get to know you!  We have a temporary holding tank in a high-traffic area of the house, and she lived in there for a few months getting used to people.  Eventually she started coming out to greet us and hang out.  She now lives in a tank next to the bed, and if I'm sitting in bed reading or on the laptop she'll hang out at the end of the tank closest to me, check out what I'm doing, beg for peas or bloodworms.  cheeky

I know it sounds silly, but when I was trying to get mine to be more social, someone suggested that I "pet" the glass as if I were petting a cat or dog.  It really does work!  Now my fish will try to play with my hand through the glass, and is starting to approach it if I dip my hand in the water.  We're working our way up to hand feeding.

Good luck!