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A while ago I posted having to return one of my Parrots, a male, for overly aggressive behavior towards all of my fish (during an egg laying situation with his mate) Well, the same thing is happening with this other guy! Its weird because I had four Parrots, two of them orange and two of them this yellow kind of color. It turns out both orange fish are definitly females and these yellow types are both male. The one I took back to the pet store paired off with the first female to lay eggs but I had to take him back to the pet store because he became so aggressive chasing away/attacking all my other fish it just made for a stressful tank. Now this other guy I guess was too young or whatever he finally is showing his true colors. He has now paired off with the other female. has cleared a huge area in the process buried both of my air stones and his tube is very much different than the female egg laying tube but it is ready to fertilize some eggs as it is extended a bit more than usual. I am attatched to this male because he has never showed aggression towards me and continues to let me pet him like a dog even though he is chasing away all the other fish in my tank! He kinda kidnapped this other female, doesnt let her out of his sight and kinda coralls her to wherever he wants her. He is determined to make sure she does what he wants. He fights with the other female who I gave the title of boss of the tank to and actually wins the battles! He is the new king of the tank and I wont take him back to the fish store like I did the other guy. I dont know how long he is gonna be the king because I purchased two fish from a well known pet store who had the wrong labels on the tank. These fish were labeled as, well, I dont know lol, but judging by how colorful they were and by how they moved there was no way they were 2 dollar fish. So for four bux I purchased these two fish that turned out to be a male and female Jewel Cichlids. After identifying the fish I realized they are probably gonna give me trouble in the near future. I am not worried about the Parrots because Parrots aint no joke of a fish and can take care of themselves against most all others! I just dont want my 2 gouramis my 1 rainbow cichlid or my 5 silver dollars getting messed with. I did alot of research on these Jewel Cichlids and I hope they dont turn out to be the way they are said to be which are very aggressive easy to breed fish. They are real colorful but I will only put up with one nasty protective fish in my tank and thats my beloved PARROT! So I still have some time before these Jewels start to breed. I will enjoy them as long as I can but I think the inevitable will happen and a showdown with my Parrots will happen. Either way, my male who is acting like a jerk will never be taken back to the fish store. I made a mistake with the other one that I wont make with this one, this is his home and he will die here hopefully years from now! I'll keep ya posted on what happens with these other guys, how it plays out.