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Aggressive BP when cleaning tank?

I've had Einstein since mid-July. No clue if it is male or female but I've assigned it a "he". He is around 3 inches long and lives in a 30g with 2 Emerald Corys and 1 Leopard Pleco. He has been fine with them. My question is about his aggressive behavior towards ME. He has become more and more aggressive towards my hand when I am rearranging or cleaning his tank. It doesn't hurt, per say, but it scares the crap out of me and he has become pretty relentless.

Anyone else have this problem or any tips? Is he always going to be this aggressive? Should I pull him out of the tank when I need to clean it/rearrange? He loves attention - I'll sit and watch him for 10-15 minutes out of the day and he likes to show off and be cute. He obviously doesn't fear my hand and it shouldn't be a threat to him, so why's he being such a jerk? LOL. 

Thanks in advance!


Listen, my Parrots are like 5 inches plus and when they bite they hurt! Its not really a big deal just kinda shoo him away and he'll figure out your hand is boss! But in all seriousness these guys can hurt!

Ugh I know! Mine is still small but he's able to get a little nip in. At first I was like, "Oh come on... he's just a little fish.." but it scares me! LOL. I'll continue to try to shoo him away. Last week I had to put a small fishnet in there with one hand to keep him away while the other hand moved things around. He's a little brat! I just can't imagine when he gets bigger because he is able to nip now and he's small.