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The other Parrot is female

In my past posts I talked about my female parrot going through the whole egg laying process without delivering eggs. She paired off with a male at first that I had to return to the pet store a while back because he became really aggressive. Then she paired off with what at the time I didnt know if it was a male or another female. The other fish hung out with my female Parrot going through the motions and then going their seperate ways once my female either laid eggs and ate them right away or just went through the whole process but just never laid eggs I dont know I never saw eggs. Well I now know what sex this other Parrot is because SHE! is now doing this egg laying thing, the only difference is I think this one is going to actually lay eggs! Her egg tube is significantly extended from her underside, they cleared out a huge area inside the cave to make room for the eggs I guess or just cleared out a spot to lay them. She is chasing away any fish that comes near the cave with the help of the original female who kept leading me on to believe she was going to lay eggs. Its the same behavior just a different fish doing it. The other major difference is the size of the egg laying tube it looks like a clam thing huge and quite ugly, I hope she lays eggs soon or whatever and that thing goes back in! I could wind up being tricked by this fish like the first one but I think this one is going to come through, amazing! These fish are the most interesting fish I have ever owned, I'll keep ya posted as to whether or not she lays some eggs! I hope so I'm dying to see what happens to the eggs, will my third parrot who I definitly think is male fertilize them? Highly unlikely I know but its a cool possibility


I loved your story but you never followed up to what happened in the end. My parrots just went through the samething and I also never saw any eggs.