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Which (if any) are less aggressive, male or female?

I'm looking to purchase 3 blood parrots probably next week, but before I do, I want to know that everyone will coexist happily. So I wondered if I should get all three the same sex, or how that should work.

I'll be keeping them in a 55 gallon tank with sand substrate, many hides, and a breeding pair of kribensis and 5 white skirt tetras. (I've got 3 filters going, 2 Tetra Whisper 40's, and 1 Aqua-Tech 5- 15) If need be, I'm willing to get rid of the kribensis and the tetras, but from what I've researched, the parrots don't grow very fast, and it will be a while before they reach their max growth, and they should outlive the kribs and tetras by probably a good five or so years.


Any information that I can get will be appreciated. cool First time parrot owner, just trying to do things right.


I think it is more of the personality of each individual fish rather than the sex which determines how aggressive one might be. Both male and female can get aggressive if they are mating. I had to bring my male back to the fish store because he became a little too aggressive for my liking but only when he and she were trying to have babies. Otherwise I have 3 Blood Parrots living happily amongst a 7-8 inch tinfoil barb, 4 silver dollars, 2 gouramis, 2 rainbow cichlids and 2 plecos. 2 of my Parrots 1 female and the other I dont know just paired up but the female failed to deliver eggs. During the process neither of the two got overly aggressive towards my other fish they just kinda chased them away if they got too close to their cave so like I said I believe its in the personality of the fish good luck! You are about to get the best fish out there! treat em well! I have read about them going after angel fish more than once so that might be one potential tank mate to avoid.

So, would you suggest getting all the same sex to avoid any mating stuff, or do you think that having a mix wouldn't matter too much?

I absolutely love watching the process of them mating, unfortunately I havent had any luck I think my female is infertile. I think you just wing it! If you do get a male and female I think the third fish should be female as well to avoid any competition for the female. I have a 55 gl. tank too and I kick myself regularly for not getting a larger tank. What other fish do you have in your tank?

Got a 55 gallon set up with a 60 gallon tetra whisper, a 40 gallon tetra whisper, and an aqua-tech 5-15. When all is said and done, I should have a mated pair of kribensis, 2 or 3 blood parrots, and I want to grab a small school of maybe whiteskirt tetras or some other larger tetra, I'll probably have about 6 of those, just so I have some dither fish in there, because I read somewhere that it makes the parrots feel more comfortable if there are other fish like that with them.