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For the owners of BP's that got there from Petsmart would you  consider them reliable place to get BP's. I've been  doing a lot of reading on theses lil cuties and a couple of sources claim that places like Petsmart get the lower quality BP's. They call them lower quality because they can keep there mouth closed and some don't turn orange as they get older. Is any of this true? and what was your experiance with BP's and Petsmart? THX!xoxo


I bought my first BP from Petdumb. He was the size of a quarter and he was white and cute. I wanted a small one so we could watch him grow. She told me he would turn orange in about 6 months. They know nothing. After doing lots of research I learned they sell two types of "Blood Parrots" - large and small. The large ones are BP (I'm not sure the quality) and the small white kind are actually undyed Jellybeans. These guys stay white and are in the Parrot family but are NOT Blood Parrots and will never turn orange. I angrily called back and informed them of their mistake and now I will need to feed and house this fish for the next 10 years because it is inhumane to return an animal because it's not the colour you wanted. I said it is like walking into a pet store and asking for a boxer and being sold a yorkie while they say, "don't worry one day it will turn into a boxer". She offered me a free can of food and I told her where she could put it.

Now see that's what I'm trying to avoid. I stay in the Waco area so if I don't get it from Petsmart my only other option is a local LFS. That sells Jellybeans that  are dyed.They actually admitted to me that they are dyed! Which would have been ok with me before I read about the process. So IDK......


I guess you need to know about what you are looking at. I would love to find an undyed jellybean. Kudos to you for being responsible!

Brought 2 orange Blood Parrot fish  on 1 Aug to my 75 Gal tank; according to PetNsS, one is female and the other is male. One hides and Never seems to make an appearance,while the other makes several brief appearances throughout the day. I assume the Male is the not- so- shy one as the Keeper o' the fish stated that the female was much more of a recluse than the male was while  they were roomies in the FS.  I am very grateful for this website and all the wonderful information!


Thank You Parrotcichlidgirl!smiley

I purchased blood parrots from Petco and I was leary but coming from a small town with a very small pet store that doesn't handle them, I did some research and visited this store twice before making the purchase.  I bought these particular fish 3 weeks ago and have never been happier with them.  I am not sure if Petco has a rep for selling poor quality fish or not but I can attest that THIS time, they were on the mark.  C

I am continually unsure about the idea of 'low quality' blood parrots. I guess it depends on what you want. My personal definition is healthy. Petsmart does not sell dyed or bleached fish, in my experience. Their parrots have not been given hormone shots to make them turn gold prematurely. I have three parrots from Petsmart and they are totally different in size and shape. Part of the enjoyment was watching them develop. My fourth parrot was purchased from a LFS as a gold and white. Unfortunately he had been bleached and became all gold. Being all gold is fine, being bleached is not. My last comment is that rarely have I found the people working in pet shops to be very knowledgable so it's up to you to do your research before buying.

I'm new to BPs - I've had mine since mid-July and he was a "gift" a friend gave us from Wal-Mart when my goldfish died. I had no knoweldge of BPs and no clue how the little sucker made it as I quickly learned, but he did! He is happy and healthy now.

When I see the BPs that are kept at Wal-Mart AND Petsmart, I always notice they seem slow, lethargic and have HUGE pupils. Sometimes I wonder if Einstein looked like that before I got him... because he is perfectly fine now. All of the BPs at my Petsmart are some variety of orangy color. I'd avoid anything that looks ill or picked on, however I think the BPs at Petsmart should be fine if that is the only source for you to purchase fish. Just make sure to quarantine it before adding it to a tank with other fish to make sure it is healthy.