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I was passing by a nail salon place and happened to look in the window and saw a 200 gl. tank housing a couple of large, familiar looking fish. I took a double take and wound up going in. There was these two Parrot fish doing a typical standoff/dance/fight thing that they do! These fish were at least 10 inches long and really thick. The guy that owned the place wasnt able to tell me if they were the blood parrots that we know and love ( the hybrids) or if they were the other parrot fish found out there naturally. (There was a language barrier) Well I looked on the internet and wasnt able to find other parrot fish that looked like the Blood Parrot. The other Parrot fish are like a blue green with other colors that dont look much like the blood parrot so these had to be our little buddies! The thing is,I didnt know they grew that large. This guy had a large oscar in the tank and these Parrot fish were just as big and as a matter of fact the Oscar was in the corner and kinda looked like he was intimidated by these two Parrots! I know alot of fish will grow according to the size of your tank, for some reason I didnt think the Blood Parrot grew like that. Anyway these fish were huge, acting the same, looking the same just double the size if not more than double, of any Blood Parrot I have ever seen!