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7year old needs help

Has anyone had the same problem? I have a 7 year old parrot cichlid which has been a great fish for us entertaining and endearing it's self with her owners and company over the period. Now however she has a problem. Despite looking and behaving well she have a swelling hanging down at the egg tube area  outside the body which has a blood/ flesh type appearance. I thought it might be a blockage and have stopped feed for the time being. Is it a Hernia or maybe a prolapse of the rectum and can anything be done? Should I treat it as a blockage and treat with epsum salts; is it ok to start feeding lightly with blood worm? See photos. She is in a 150ltr tank ph 7 nitrite 0 nitrate o temp 80deg. Yesterday I noticed a blood streak in the tail. Glad for any help I'd like to keep her for a few more years if possible.

Under magnification it may be that the sack hanging down is just that;an egg sack? do the eggs normally have a sack  which would open when sporing, any one know?



Sorry I dont have any suggestions but I wanted to comment on the longevity of the fishs' life, great job of keeping your tank nice and up to par giving this awesome fish a beautiful life I'm sure! 7 years is nice, I would keep feeding him or her though, I dont think that is a problem. Please do look on the internet to see if you can find out some info and ask the pet store people if they are familiar with this happening to any other parrots as they come into contact with alot more fish than we do, good luck

I've seen other messages over the years from people whose fish developed the same issue. Not sure if anyone came up with any answers besides bacterial infection, or possibly fighting damage, but it's worth a look.

Many thanks for the suggestion will do some searchs. The fish is on it/s own so I think the damage due to fighting is not an issue but will check the rest.