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New Parrot fish

I have 4 BP for about a week now,  I understand that they will hide at first but I have only seen one of them since I put them in the tank.  The one that I do see will see me and almost kill itself trying to hide.  

Is there anything I can do to get them to come out?   When I picked them out they were the most active.


Thank you




You have to get the fish to become com fortable with your prescence. Pull up a chair and sit real close to the tank and just watch your fish. Stay there for as long as you can each day and let them get used to you. Check them out while they check you out when they come close to the tank gently (and not in a fast reaction) pet the glass as if you were trying to pet them. This may sound silly but this is how I calm my fish down, it never fails. My fish come out and greet me allthough they probably think I'm gonna feed them, but I dont care its nice to see my fish act happy to see me. I f you do this you will get them to trust you and you will make new friends!

It is correct they need to be comfortable with you.  Sit down relax.  Feed them and run you finger by the tank for comfort,  Somany valid points it takes time.

Make sure they have comfortable hiding places and always be around a lot.''Clean water is must and make sire the water considitins are good as they came from a well taken care of system"

I have found the more I clean my water and keep the conditions pristine the happier the fish are.

They love the incoming dechlorinated water weekly.