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I got myfirst BP a 2 months ago, bruno. He is in a 20 gallontan by himselfbut ifelt like he was lonley. So i deicded to start researching tank mates. I eventually decided on another BPwent topetsmart, asked if i needed  bigger tank, they said eventuallybut not now. Got my new fish, named him gimli. Like 2 days after i put gimli inthe tank, Bruno lays eggs!!! oh and about 12hrs after beingin the tank Gimli starts developing black spots, like a lot of them, morethan bruno ever did i got worried so i started doing a LOT of research. but i just wanted your opinons about everything. Should i seperate them, i have anempty 30 and 20 gallon tank. Shouldimove both of themto the 30. I shouldmentiontoo gimli is half brunos size and brunois kinda meantohim. Since theylid the eggs the wonteat and just chillbehind the rock where the eggs are. should i vaccumthem or will they tae care ofthem. once hes out of spawningmood will gimlis black spots dissappearor is it because brunostresseshim out?he sotiny andi feel like hes being bullied. opinons thoughts?


Yes, you do need more room.  Make sure you cycle your new tank and read about it as there are many ways:

The black spots are a sign of stress, breeding or water quality. Make sure plenty of hiding spots.

Yes you can change the water anytime and do not vaccum near where the fish has layed the eggs. As soon as the eggs do not de velop the fish will start eating them ( may 5 days). The fish will not starve and be very territorial.


My BPlays eggs every month and she guards them.

Getting a bigger set up will help alot.  For now change the water every five days as that is important. Petsmart has lots of noce tanks great prices.


You will enojy your BP's.