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parrott fish

Hi my name is carlo, my parrott fish is a monster, everything I put into my tank he eat, now the only fish in the tank with him is a pleco he had a mate , but died because of a power failure, then I had a silver dollar in the tank. And he was happy with this one did push it around but nothing serious, now silver dollar died old age, Monster like eating whiskas meaty nuggets the cat food, he is the size off a man's hand and he is actually a very beautiful orange fish in very good condition, when I clean the tank I catch him with a spaggetti strainer the fish net to small, what else can I put in the tank that will not become monsters next meal please help. Thank you


Maybe another same size parrott fish. Maybe more hiding spots.  Do not put in smaller fish as bigger eat smaller.

He may be a one fish tank. Does he have a good personality?

If you have a power failure change the water to keep it fresh or get battery operated device to keep filter going.