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Urgent! Please help, parrots might be sick

Hi all, I'll try to keep this brief. I think my little parrots are sick, but I'm having trouble diagnosing them, therefore I'm unsure as to what action to take. :-(

My two smaller parrots have both suddenly developed a angry-looking red streak underneath their top fin... This has happened almost overnight. One of them has had a 'cut' for a couple of days and I thought one of the other fish had perhaps nipped it... (But I found this odd, since the tank is rather placid).

I'm really worrying now, but my parrots are acting entirely normally and are eating well (they're greedy/sociable little things). They don't seem stressed or sluggish and swimming is regular and energetic. My larger parrot (3 times the size) does not seem affected at all, no red coloration.

Can anyone help?? Please!?

The only thing that has changed in the tank is the light dimmed out a couple of days ago, and I'm waiting on a new one in the post. Water conditions, filter and heater all normal. Please help.



Good morning Fishfan,

Please post tank size, stock, temp, PH, Ammonia, Nitrates and Nitrites.  Do you have a pic?  When was the last water change done? How many gallons did you change?   Filters on the tank?  How many what kind? 

I would like to help but need this information first.





What color are your parrots to begin with? They sometimes start out being dark with markings and then as they mature, they turn red( or orange). This is normal for blood red parrots. Usually when they are stressed out, they develop black streaks on them, it could be on their fins or anywhere actually. When they become normal again, those black straks dissappear. if your water is good, and you are feeding them properly, and they have a place to hide, or hang out in, they should be fine. Do you have other fish in the tank? How many fish, and how large is the tank?

Hi, sorry for the late reply! First off, tank size is 50gal. I also have some small angels, 5 plattys, a pleco and a gourami (very placid fish, pals with the large parrot) I will check all specifics first thing. I changed the water maybe 8 days ago, I always do 10pc. 2 filters in the tank, both fluval and two heaters. Not a single fish has died or shown signs of illness in my tank (it's been set up this way for over a year. No new fish) although I realise that doesn't mean much. The fish are healthy orange, but now they have the red streak, and one has the cut. Again, they're acting totally normally. They have caves (and wood) to hide in but are very outgoing - no timid parrot behaviour to observe. Both have had black streaks in the past (when I first set up the tank) but none since. As far as I can tell, all is normal, but obviously it's not! Going to keep close watch. :-(

Okay , first off your tank is over stocked. That being said if you are going to keep all the fish then you will need to do frequent large water changes.  How often will depend on the test results , so until I know the numbers I am unable to answer how many gallons and how often.  What temp is the water in the tank?   Have you considered that the pleco maybe up to no good?  They have been known to develope a taste for their tankmates slim coat...  What kind of pleco is it?   Please post the test numbers and we will go from there.


 yeah, i think dewie is right. I had a pleco in a smaller tank and he did terrorize the other fish at night. They act pretty innocent during the day, but since they are nocturnal fish, they act up when the light goes out. how big is he? Mine is about 6" and I moved him to a larger tank, with my south Americans. Everyone is doing fine in there, and the fish in the smaller tank are glad he is gone. You may have to take him out, or put the parrots in a larger tank.

Hi everyone, I am new here, just brought my babies home a few days ago. I have a 29 gallon sand substrates tank, marineland hang over filter, 350 for up to 75 gallon tank. I like them big  lol. Water temp 76.7 ammonia 0. Ph 7.6. Have 3 Corey cats one full grown, a whopping 2 inches the other two are babies, got them to help vacuum,  one 3 to 4 inch pleco and one glo fish tetra. 

Anyway, this morning i got up and one of tbe bp,is just hanging around the airstone facing up, I fed them, he ate, acted normal then went back to his corner by the airstone. Well, I just checked him and hes out now, back with his buddy. I had a prefilter over my intake and the water flow was slow this morning when I got up, do you think I was harming them with the pre filter? I had it because I killed my other pump when I cleaned the tank, I did not shut it off and sand clogged it up.

He looks ok now, but do they usually like to look up, know what i mean? He has done that since day one.

Hi Sharkeg,

You are over stocked.  A 29 gallon tank cannot support all those fish.  The waste they create will make them sick no matter what size filter you put on the tank. Daily water changes of 50% may help them from becoming really sick until you can get them into a larger tank.  Was the tank cycled prior to introducing fish?  I suggest you take the bp's back to the store you bought them from. Please test the water for Ammonia, Nitrite, nitrate and PH.  What is the water temp?  The test results will tell you what is happening to the fish.  Please read the "Quick Guide for new Fish Keepers"  on the home page.



Is It not one inch of fish per gallon? Even at full grown the two parrots and my 3 cory cats would only equate to having a 20 gallon. how can that be overstocked, they get fed once a day and eat everything

Please read the information this web site has on minimun tank size.  The volume of water needed for just one BP is 30 have three. The corys are not a problem but the pleco will be...most of them get very large.   Please test the water....the numbers will tell you.   Did you cycle the tank before stocking it?   I know you mean well but the best thing is to bring the fish back to the store. Or keep one and bring two back, keep the corys and get rid of the pleco.