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Veil Tail Kilin

Hello all,

Today I brought home the most beautiful Killin/Kirin veil tail parrot chiclid.  Has/does anyone here have expierence with these fish? The temperment I was told is comparable to a BP.  Any info would be appreciatedsmiley

Thank you!


Can you post a pic of this fish?


and another


This cool fish looks kinda like a Jack Dempsey?  Am I mistaken?  (Congrats - nice fish!)

Striker is a FlowerHorn Parrot or Killin/Kirin.    (Thank you!  )


Thats a long fin flowerhorn, they will be much more agressive than parrot and a target because of the long fins, best kept alone

The FH people said it is a cross between a male FH and a female BP.  This fish is doing very well with the two female BP's it lives with.  They have similar personalities and are the same size.  So far things are good.  Thank you for the input!smiley