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I am just setting up a small 22-gallon tank with my goal to buy one really nice Parrot cichlid.  I know this is a small setup but might be moving so want to start here.  I would like advice as to what would be some nice fish to put with him as well as any links to how to make the tank itself attractive.  I know this is basic and I am reading, but I wanted to at least get something started.  Thanks much.



Wait to buy an adequate sized tank for a parrot. This tank is too small.

They told me it would be fine for just a single Parrot. Is this incorrect? He seems fine in there at present.

Parrots will grow to be large fish. it is unhealthy to keep this fish in a tank that is too small. You subject the fish to unecessary stress which leaves the fish susceptible to disease. You will also stunt the growth of the fish which can also lead to problems. Any animal may appear to be OK in a confined space. This does not mean it is OK and is bad long term. Also, LFS staff are not always very knowledgeable and may be more focussed on selling than in the best interest of the fish.

pick a theme and go with that. or you could just put plants and rocks with white sand or river pebbles. The tank is a bit small for parrots.

A twenty two gallon tank is fine for one small parrot fish but within one year you will need to buy a larger tank. If you are considering other fish, i suggest looking on Craigs list for a larger tank. You can find alot of good deals on tanks. Good luck

Okay, so my parrot fish is now about 2-1/2 inches long so I just invested in a new tank for her. It is a 60-gallon and I am getting ready to set it up. I have bought 60 pounds of sand as well but wondered if anyone had any links that would help me in setting up a really nice tank for her going forward. Thanks for any advice!!


And take a look through the gallery for tank ideas also


I have switched to sand substrate about 3 months ago from gravel. Not only it looks nicer, the poop will not fall on the bottom making it easier to clean. I also during that time put in 2 flower pots for my 2 bps, added rocks, fake plants, color marbles. Make sure you do not over decorate and have plenty of space for your bp to swim. Attached is a pic of my setup

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