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Image Upload - please give it a try.

Uploading images is simple. Just click the button shown, browse to select your image from your computer, and click Open! The image will appear in your post. 


Once you upload, if your image looks too big, double-click the image in the editor window and the Image Properties window wwill appear.

Just change the Width value to something smaller, and the Height will be figured out automatically. If it looks stretched out, click the circular Reset arrow shown in the image below and then click the padlock. That will lock in the original proportions, then you can proceed to alter the width and the height will follow.


Click OK to keep the change!



My female is laying eggs and the male is sucking on her face, right above her mouth. It is leaving a white mark. What should I do?


Does this process only work for uploading from a desktop? I am trying to upload a photo off my phone and this process doesn't work. It gives me an empty file so there's nothing to choose from.

What type of phone are you using? I just tested it using an iPhone and it seems to work fine, although you have to do some scrolling side to side because the uploader window is too wide. I just made the list of allowed formats shorter so that the window will shrink a bit. If I can test on a phone similar to yours maybe I can figure out the issue. In any case it looks to me like your uploads worked, but you weren't able to see them.



If so, your uploads worked, but there was a problem with you seeing them for some reason.

I'll fix your pictures for you in your posts for the moment.  I understand theres an issue with phones - I will look into fixing it.



I am using a Samsung galaxy 4. Nope, that's not my picture. Thanks for working out the kinks, can't wait to be able to share pics of my new BP fry