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Tank Mates for Blood Parrot Cichlids

Blood Parrots like having little "dither-fish" around. They probably figure that as long as the little schooling fish aren't scared, there are no threats.

  • Tetras - as long as they aren't fin-nippers
  • Corey cats - these guys get along great with them.
  • SMALL plecos - take them out when they get big enough to try attacking the Parrots.
  • SMALL algae eaters - same problem when they get bigger: they will look at the broad sides of the Parrots as preferable to algae.
  • Geophagus cichlids
  • Rainbow cichlids
  • Firemouths
  • Some Severums (ours was too shy and had to be removed)
  • Some small white convicts, preferably female. Be prepared to take these out if they get too aggressive.

Matches we've tried that didn't work so well:

  • Green convicts (even small - too aggressive)
  • Texas cichlid - this lasted only 8 hours, then he had to be scooped out and thrown back with the aggressive fish.
  • Oscar - this was not our choice, something went wrong with our Oscar's tank, and he had to be moved over with the Parrots briefly. Everyone was terrified, except Winston, who tried to stand up to him - zooming toward him and puffing up! The Oscar was totally unimpressed, and probably would have chased everyone around the tank if we had not removed him as soon as his tank was fixed.
  • Our algae eater lasted for about 6 months with the parrots, then had to be removed when he started affixing himself to their foreheads.
  • Our pleco was fine for about a year, until he started attacking them. We would feed him cooked zucchini halves, and Gazoo would hang just above his mouth as he rasped, waiting for seeds and pieces of zucchini to fly up where he could catch them.