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My little orange parrot fish might have gill flukes

So me and the wife got a free fish tank with a orange parrot fish and 2 sucker fish from a couple. We set up the tank and the fish are fine and we cleaned the water. Now we just picked up another orange parrot fish that is a little smaller and some guppies from a different couple. The new smaller orange parrot fish that we picked up from the different couple told us that the fish got completely white but they changed his water and fed him then he returned normal. We just got him yesterday and today we noticed on his gills that they are red and kind of coming out with small red tentacles. He also breathes faster than normal. I did some research and says that its gill flukes. My small orange parrot fish is the only one that has it, the rest of my fish are fine. Wat is the best and quickest treatment? I know about using aquarium salt and raising the water temperature so should I try that? Also We've noticed the big parrot fish sometimes picks on or punks the smaller orange parrot fish, why is that?

Im stationed in the UK so are any of these kind good? which is the best?

Heres my fish:



Those are not gill flukes - they are the gills themselves. I had one fish that showed them for years - he was a little oddly shaped, and I think that's just the way he was. Sometimes their fit-and-finish isn't as good as a normal cichlid.

I have a large parrot who has one side of his/her gills (no, I don't know how to sex them) swollen. At first I thought it was flukes, so I treated with EVERYTHING available, one after another - from 2 weeks of Tetra's LifeGuard, to their ParasiteGuard, to CopperSafe, constant high (0.005-0.008) salt, and high temps (84-86F), and nothing has reduced the swelling. It has been this way for almost 3 months now. It is in its own quarantine tank, and appetite and activity are fine. Other than the fact that one side is so swollen (you can see the red gill membranes "puffing" out), it is otherwise healthy. I have not seen any sign of any type of parasite. I am at a loss (as is my LFS).

Any ideas?