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My Parrots and One Imposter

I decided to post a few pictures of my parrots. My names are totally unimaginative. This is Pretty One, the largest and least shy. The others are hiding.

P7240001.jpg image by pookieben

This is Bonzo. I ordered him online as a Kirin Parrot but he's not. Plus he's very aggressive. Does he look familiar to you, Nieko?

P7240008.jpg image by pookieben

P7240007.jpg image by pookieben

Oh, well. I still love him.

Pretty One, Two and Three got hungry so they are out to be photographed!

P7250028.jpg image by pookieben

P7250023.jpg image by pookieben

P7250021.jpg image by pookieben

P7250015.jpg image by pookieben



It is nice to see that your vision has become reality.

Why dont you cover the bottom with sand, this will prevent buildup under the platforms, so less mess. with sand in my tank, i dont really have to mess with it to much at all. Also gives you great way to plant some additional plants.. I really love the amazon swords. I just added moneywart and wisteria to my 125g tank along with dward grass, but my tx cichlid unplanted ALL of my grass, i replanted it in my 55 gallon yesterday and am hoping those tankmates will leave it alone.. I was thinking about setting up a 30 gallon for guppies and tetras and a couple angels that i could make a plant tank.. I might wait til after my move to houston in January though, cause that would be a pain to move... since i will be moving my 55 and 125 too.

And yes your short bodied fh does look oh so familiar.. :) I have grown on mine though, so i guess we will see if she is aggressive later... maybe yours is a boy and this is causing the crazy aggression?

Bonzo doesn't have pretty blue speckles like Kadence. And he would swim on his side to pursue the parrots under obstacles. Their fins were becoming shredded so I decided enough was enough. I love my shortbody also. He swims to the side of the tank probably to say, "Food? Otherwise scram." At least that's what I'm thinking. Bonzo inhales worms from my garden and then the dirt from inside them explodes out of his mouth. He is a character!

awesome, i dont feed mine live food, because i think it increases the aggression ( i may be wrong). I like the pearly milky color that bonzo has. Kandence looks really dark and mossy with her sparkles... lol. I am new at the plant thing too. I tried it a while back and bombed completely because i wasnt taking care of it all properly. Now I am ready to try again. funny thing is that my little monster tx cichlid unplanted teh grass. little buggar. Kandence is a nester. she has claimed her location and is honary about any intruders... she is even getting moody with Rose now... I really want them to eat from my hands like my 55g tankmates, but 125g is soooooo huge, they dont really come to me.. they swim off in the ocean... lol

I did kind of wonder about live food encouraging aggression. My bloodfins didn't start disappearing until after I started feeding worms. Maybe I'll just give the worms to Bonzo. He was aggressive to begin with and is now alone. Good idea. Thank you.

no prob. anytime. I am glad to have moved up from newbie to useful.. lol when i first started, i was such a newbie, i didn't know anything at all. I love the growth this hobby has given me :)

I think sand will be part of my new plan. I want to use pipes and hanging baskets, really overplant the tank, but not as many vertical pipes. My java fern has done well, maybe I'll try the amazon swords. I think they can be emergent also. My wisteria did not do well at all which I didn't expect. I'd read wisteria was easy and prolific. Do you have any other suggesions for plants?