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Have Fish, can Move...

I wanted to gather all of the tricks ya'll have used for moving from home to home with your fish and tanks... I will be moving to Houston from Lubbock tx soon. This is a 10 hour drive. I DO NOT plan to leave any fish behind! they are like family to me lol. I have several ideas of my moving technique, but would LOVE to hear your ideas as well to tweak out mine. My first idea is a styrofoam cooler with a hole at top for a bubbler air stone to be in cooler for road trip... just gotta figure out how to power this bubbler for 10 hours... I haven't really researched yet, by maybe you guys have some ideas... I will have to do 2-3 coolers for my fishy family...


I read your post, as i'm a new fishy pet owner, i do know about bubble stones well, at walmart they sell a battery pack for the bubble stone in the fishing section used for minnos....crazy but it works like 8 hrs with fresh batteries. good luck!!

freakin awesome new fishy owner! welcome to the parrot site! Thanks for that helpful info... then i think my plan will take life, when needed. :) that should give them adequate oxygen for the move right? my parrot is pretty big same with my pleco and oscar

Yes, those automatic bubblers are the ticket, and they are inexpensive too. I would get an extra just in case one putzs out on you though. Are you planning to move everything in one day? In the past we have moved over a span of two days, one day for fish and pets, one day for other stuff. That way you can take your time setting up the new tanks without worrying about your furniture and whatnot. As for "cycling" I never worry too much about it (I know, Im terrible) but Ive never had a problem. Just keep your dirty gravel/sand in the tank, and when you get to your new home, fill her up and dump some bacteria supplement in it along with conditioner and salt. Let the heater adjust and then add fish. Should cover it. Keep a close eye.

awesome... well.... actually we will be moving 10 hours away, so i think i will have to use cooler and media as temp home for my babies depending on the situation. we are hoping to have rental home with keys waiting.....I will move on one day from city to city and unload next day... i should only have to have bubler for 10 hours, once there, i will plug media, sponge back in and prolly set up tank next day, depending on how hyped I am from the move. I seem to go into power adrenalyn mode when moving, so I will prolly be all up and ready to get it set up... OMG though. moving 125 gallon tank with sand  and 55 gallon with sand is gonna be scaaaaaary... I would cry if i broke either...

I have moved 6 times with my fish, using this technique. Never had any loss.