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colour of parrot

recently my one red parrotscolour near its stomach is fading away also the stomach is quite a bit large and protuding out.plz sggt  wht is it?and what is the food that i can feed my parrot in order to regain their colour.


It could be eggs. They tend to fade when they are about to lay eggs and their belly puffs out a lot, so it's probably just eggs.

Hey jelliott! long time since we have heard from ya... welcome back :)

OK - I have a 'teenaged' parrot that - instead of having a normal tail fin, has a long dorsal fin which runs to the back of its' body and comes to a point, and has a small tail fin, which also comes to a point and they "meet" kinda coming to a point - so, instead of a normal tail, it has two long fins which meet at the tail.. (I'm sure someone is gonna ask for a pic -- duh -- but,) anyone know what i've got here please?  Thanks!