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Kirin Parrot or Shortbody Flowerhorn

What do you think?

fwflowerhorn1339727778.jpg image by pookieben

This guy is being sold as a kirin parrot. He's beautiful but is he a kirin? I hope so.


He looks kirin, but the pic is showing up really small. is there a way to enlarge it then post it again or post the link to so we can see a bigger pic? either way short body fh or kirin, he is puuuurdy... :)

He definitely has a closed mouth. Not good with 2 open mouth parrots?

looks kirrin to me. mine have closed mouths also. but my bp's are a bit bigger, so i think they will nudge them into submission... lol He is pretty cute... :) I am going to borrow my friends camara to take some tank pics soon. hope to have them on here.

As far as I know, the kirins have an open mouth (I have 2 of them). The flowerhorns have a closed mouth.

Kirins are a cross between flowerhorn and parrot. This can lead to longer bodies and closed mouths. The preference is short bp body with open mouth... but do too both parents, you will get a variety.

Hard to say due to the hybridization they could come out looking more blood parrot or more flowerhorn. It is def. not the desired kirin parrot look if it is one. My money is on a short bodied FH

I have to agree with you. I asked the seller of these fish if he was sure about them being kirins, asked for opinions here, and looked at lots of images. Finally I decided to purchase the fish as a kirn and that's when the **** hit the fan. Bonzo ate all but two of my bloodfins and chased my parrots mercilessly, shredding their tails. Super, super aggressive! (At least in my experience.) After two days I put a divider in the aquarium and am now looking for another tank. If it really doesn't look like one, probably isn't.

Thank you for your response.