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My blood parrot cichlid has turned pale orange to white especially on the belly

Does anybody know why my blood parrot cichlid has turned pale orange after 4 days in her new home (new tank).  I got the water tested 2x and it was fine.  Will her color which was radiant orange be back?  Please let me know.  Thanks.


I have three female parrots and they all go a very pale orange ( one is yellow) almost white before they are ready to lay you know if you have a male or female??

I really do not know whether my fish is male or female.  I am planning to take her to Petsmart and maybe they will let me know if she is an egg bearing fish.

Don't put your fish through the trauma of being brought back to Petsmart. The people are store clerks, not animal experts. The blood parrot cichlids are egg bearing fish but they are very dificult to sex. You will find out when and if she/he lays eggs or doesn't. Until then continue to take great care of your fish and do as much reading about her as you can. There is a lot of information on this site plus you can google 'blood parrot cichlid' and learn even more.

Thanks.  I know now that they are not the experts.  They told me to raise the PH level to more than 7.2 which was contrary to what I have read in another site.

U say u put it in a new tank. Did u cycle the tank? What size of tank and what type of filter set up do u have? Also what temp do u have the tank at? And are there tankmates? All need to be answered to really tell why the paleness. Could be spawning or stress of new tank. The first option is normal while the second can be fatal. Welcome to the site. Hope ur new fish is doing good.

Thanks for responding.  Yes, I do 15 to 20% water change for the past 2 weeks now.  She is with me for the past 3 weeks.  She is in a 20 gallon tank with 2 small Bolivian Rams.  I bought those rams to keep her company.  They pretty much do not bother or stay in separate sections of the tank.  The temp is 78 degrees. 

I read in a site saying to keep the PH low like 6.8 and keep the light low since bright lights can wash away their color.  Please let me know if you know anything to bring back the brightness of orange to my parrot cichlid.  Thanks.

The problem could be her tank..its not big enough.....A single parrot should be in a tank no smaller than 30 gallons....She may be small now but she WILL grow and these fish produce soooo much waste! You need DOUBLE the filtration for what ever size tank you have...thats really the only other thing I can think of....some parrots are just pale! When I got my two orange BP they were both bright orange and one is very pale and the other just a light orange! SO they can change as they get older....

i now this is alittle bit of a older thread, but my 2 cents anyway, its pretty normal for them to go pale and back to bright orange or red. as long as your water conditions are good, and there is no other signs visually of any disease, dont worry about it, i am sure they are fine. dont start messing with your PH levels unless they are super high or super low, adjusting it too much can be really bad for your fish. i think its mostly its because the nature of the BP they are very shy and scared when they are first introduced to a new home it takes a long while to warm up, and they will often change color when they are scared. as some mentioned up there i find lighting really has a lot to do with it, bright lights will sometimes really wash out their color i currently have two in my tank, they are both super dark orange almost a red color during the day when the light is off, and they are just enjoying the light of the sun coming through the windows, but at night when i turn the light on after about 10 or 15 minutes the female will go completely pale almost pink sometimes and the male will lighten up only a little bit some times he doesnt lighten at all. like i said as long as the water condition is right and no visual signs of disease then all is good. give the new one a little time to get comfy in its new home and the color will come back again.