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Will my BP hurt my Goldfish??

Howdy!! I am not new to the fish world. Just to the BP world! I had two tanks one containing my goldfish that I have had for three years. And the other that I recently started up containing two sharks and two Bp's. I could not handle two aquariums and new kittens so I decided I would give the sharks back to the pet store and keep the BPs. I put them in the aquarium with my goldfish. And all seemed well. My Bp's hide most part of the day and come out while I am gone or when I feed them. My goldfish are my babies. And in this moment my main priority. My smallest goldfish is about 6" long. My Bp's are about an inch and a half long. Are they going to hurt my goldfish? While they continue to grow will they just get used to my goldfish, or is there going to be a problem. I noticed that the BPs are very territorial when my goldfish get close to their cave, and run them off.
Is that normal?



The blood parrots need heated water. Do you heat your goldfish tank? Most goldfish are coldwater fish.

No I am not heating the water. I didn't know they needed tempered water. What temp. should the water be for the Bp

Around 80ºF. They don't go with goldfish accordingly.

But I think that would be WAY to warm for your goldies!

My Goldies like anywhere from 68-74 degrees

Ive had mine now for about 5 mnths.....the parrots MAY be ok at 74 long as you have a good filtration system since they both produce so much waste....they are both peaceful fish..the blood parrots can be a little territorial and like to boss other fish around with a nudge here and there but can't do any real harm.
There are people on this site with WAY more experience than me so maybe someone else with chime in here too!! :)
I LOVE goldfish and thats why I was so drawn to the Blood Parrots!

I'd say put the temp in the mid 70's like 75 or 76 and if your smallest goldfish is 6'' and the BP's are only 1.5 you should be ok for a good long time, maybe indefinitely. I had my BP in with my goldfish for a while and he was over 2 inches and my goldfish were the same size as him except the 6 inch on I have. I just hope you have a good sized tank with mega filtration because they both get big and are big waste producers. Also what kind of goldfish are they exactly? I wouldn't risk a bubble eye or something like that.