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I posted on another board after searching for weeks in vain for the much-coveted T. Ellioti cichlid. My awesome LFS couldn't even find them. One user's post came up in a web search so I replied to her post. The respondent e-mailed me and then obtained fry from a breeder she knew. She and the breeder then packaged (including supplemental heat) the quantity I asked for and overnighted them to me at their own expense. The breeder requested nothing but a trade from my list of dry stock, which I exceeded cheerfully. The orchestrator requested nothing but monetary reimbursement, which I exceeded to cover gas. I have mailed each of them their requested payment. What an amazing bunch of people are we who keep fish.

My fish survived the trip and are doing well. If you've never seen Thorichthys Ellioti, here's what they look like as adults:

I hope to breed them and further their proliferation.


They're beautiful! Congratulations!

Very pretty, makes me thing of a Firemouth German Ram cross.

Thank you. I am excited to have received them after searching so long. I plan to breed them and keep them with festivums and rummy nose tetras.

how many tanks did you say you have? what are your tanks and stocks...

29 gallon Ellioti (I will upsizee when they are older)

30 gallon long Convict cichlid X 4 (and of course the fry...)

37 gallon tetra community with koi angels

40 gallon high community

55 gallon Blood Parrot cichlid X 2

55 gallon misc angel

75 gallon albino Oscar cichlid

120 gallon divided Oscar cichlid X 2

24,000 gallon 16' x 36' x 8.5' Homo Sapiens X 8

2 Empty (...for now...) 20H

GOOD gosh!  Thanks for sharing... I dont feel soooo hoarderish now... lol I love all of my tanks, but think i am about to ditch the saltwater... I like the cleanness of all my freshwaters... :)

and how many angels could i fit in a 30 gallon?

Long? 6 babies any sex, 3 adults if all female. High? 6 babies any sex, 2 adults if both female or a mated pair. My experience.

The 55 angel tank has 8 fry that will be thinned as pairs develop. Also has 5 common silver hatchets.

Tell me what you have, size and stocking.

Nada! I'm wanting the magic number three in my aquarium. Maybe two parrots and a catfish. Or else a parrot and several peaceful cichlids. (I'm kind of wondering about the importance of sand on the bottom and considering a leaving it empty. ?)

I just returned from Long Island, New York and saw an aquarium of parrots in a Japanese restaurant. There were five large parrots, one with its tail cut off :~( , in a pretty bare aquarium, no hiding places and exposed on all sides. They seemed very calm and swam to the side when I approached. One huge arowana was swimming in the tank. A note was taped to the glass saying that, if you tapped on the glass, the arowana could panic and leap out of the tank. I bet the fish ate sushi all day long. (Maybe.)

And that story was in response to your question. But I had to get it in somehow.

I have 4 tanks.

55-2 fiesty parrots homefry and guppy, a pleco named big head and 4 cory's

29- with my special oscar and angel.

2.5- betta named sushi

14 gallon biocube from hell- 2 clowns and enough hair algae to braid...

about to sell the 14 and thinking about buying a 125g saltwater from craigslist for 800. has all stuff with it, rock, sand, fish, food, and testing eq... what do you think about the price? I think it is good considering the usual for that would be about 5000...

and I know I know, seems crazy to have an oscar in the 29, but he is not normal already. he is smaller than my angel. way smaller and blind. i have to hand feed him and he seems to get lost in my 55 tank and bullied by my parrots.. so I have to keep him in my 29 gallon. its for his safety. I do love him a ton. he eats from my hand now (hopefully he stays small or he might eat my hand...) lol

That is a PHENOMENAL price. Does it have a sump?  Our 155 cost us $600 for the tank, stand, lights, a little bit of rock, sump, protein skimmer, and 2 pumps.  We had to buy substrate, tubing for the pumps and skimmer and sump, corals, fish, etc.  Definately go for it.  Too be honest, my 2.5 just got torn down, I killed my second coral and gave up.  But the 155 is going strong.  Seems bigger tanks are easier.

My next project is REPTILES! A coworker hs some baby crested geckos, I am getting from her.

I am really hoping that I am more successful with the bigger saltwater tank. since you have one, do you mind giving me a daily schedule of what you do to it? no sugar coating either lol... I need the straights on what is exactly needed to run it. I want to make sure I will have time to dedicate to it. I dont want to spend 800 on a huge tank and then SUCK at it... my 14g is a nightmare...

Okay so my husband does most of the work on this tank, seeing as it was his idea.  Water needs to be added almost daily because of evaporation (does not have to be salted, freshwater works fine.)  He adds about a bucket full (3 gallons maybe) into the overflow chamber pretty much every day.  He checks salinity about every other day, and chemical levels once a week.  He has to scrape algae and other stuff from the glass pretty much daily.  And about once every other week we do a water change of about 15%.  Once every two months we do a really big water change of about 30%.  (This tank is 155 gallons and bigger changes are just impossible due to the quantity of water needed)  To be honest he is a slacker and doesn't follow a strict regimin and still those fish keep on living.  The very first fish we got simply to cycle the tank after only a few days of starting it, are still alive and healthy.  One even was permenantly banned to the sump for his attitude and never gets any attention and is still kicking.  He also cleans his protein skimmer a couple times a week (really just as it gets full) and his turf scrubber maybe weekly.  He feeds daily, zooplankton in the morning, crushed freeze dried brine shrimp in the afternoon, and sinking pellets at night.  Or whatever order he feels like that day.


Just an idea of what those water changes consist of:
We have a bunch of 18 gallon heavy duty totes.  We fill those up with water and add salt, we mix the salt in by using a couple spare filters/pumps we have lying around, but you can just stir it.  Then we turn off all pumps.  With another empty tote, we siphon the tank and heave that heavy b*st*rd into the bathroom to dump down the toilet. Now we check the salinity of the totes with new water and adjust if neccesary.  Then we once again heave the totes with new water in them onto a chair or stand higher than the sump, and use the siphon to drain the water into the sump.  Then we turn the pumps back on.  Then he checks all the salinity levels and whatnot and adjusts what is neccesary.  He then spends at least an hour tweaking the many tubes and pumps to get the water flow just right.  Because this thing is LOUD.  Imagine a giant flushing a toilet with bad suction.... and it goes on forever unless we get the water flowing just right.


I have a much more strict and orderly regimin for my freshwater.... and Im the one with nitrate problems... what gives?


Still want a giant saltwater tank?

You could use a python or extra long siphon or whatever you call them instead of using the tote to siphon, but little snails often get sucked up and we have to rescue them.

I had the same reaction; I have a 120 and I don't use buckets at all. I just pump water effortlessly, 60 gallons per week.


Also, the addition of a sock filter usually quiets down a trickle filter. Try it.

is it improper to say HELL NO... I don't honestly think I will have time for it. My little 14 looks like a chia pet, i am taking it to my local fs to get credit towards another freshwater... I think I will stick with freshwater, til I am out of school at least! JEEEZ I got a headache just reading all of that... I do have to wonder though... why dont you go to home depot and ask for a 20$ pump and about 20 feet of hose so you dont have to lug those buckets anymore? you can literally put the pump straight into the water and it does the work... lol Took me a couple of years to get one also... so dont beat yourself up to badly... :P

We use the long siphon to fill the buckets, but you cant dump freshwater directly into a saltwater. You must mix it first, so we have to do the bucket thing. I use the long siphon ALL the time for everything in my freshwater though. :)

That's a decent price. Not awesome or anything but there's bound to be $800 in equity there if the stuff is high end and in good shape. I hate all the salt crust one usually finds on marine components. I really do. I passed up a 120 for $500 a while back because it was just so crusty. People ALWAYS ruin their marine aquariums by scratching the #### out of them with rocks. One you've scratched a viewing panel (and this includes the sides on any 24" tank, mind you) you've ruined it for me. I don't want your scratch and dent sale bargain. I have sold/replaced quite a few scratched tanks because the scracth catches my eye and I can't enjoy the aquarium.


lmao @ "enough hair algae to braid...''  Cute

Congrats on the great find!

I wish I could find me a similar deal for FlowerHorn parrots. I want one SO bad.

eBay! I think that Pet Zone SanDiego has some. I want one, also. Let me know.



Yes I saw them on Ebay... but forgive me for not trusting ebay entirely. I'm not ready fork over almost $80 for fish and shipping that I'm confident will follow through well.

I will check out PetZone's website, as I am in Wisconsin and not likely to be in San Diego anytime soon.

And to you, should you find them before me, let me know!

I bought one of these for my Ellioti fry to help keep nitrate at bay:

I have it stuffed with java moss, java fern, and hornwort. I'm liking it. I use overhead lighting on that tank so no extra lighting is needed. I imagine a tank with a glass top would also provide enough illumination. Another plus is that it aerates the aquarium.

That is awesome. I was thinking about taking the lids off of my tank, but I have cats. Do you think that my cats would be able to catch my parrots? I would hate to come home and find my cat eating one of my fish... ugh, I would be sooo mad...


I wouldn't chance it.

I'm using this as a refuge tank for my new T. Ellioti fry  It is a great tool. I removed the plants and put the fry in the day I took them from their parents. It changes their water all day every day so I never have to worry about overfeeding. Their water is replaced many, many times each day. Forget 20% water changes daily; this is "where it's at." I recommend this unit to anyone who has fry to raise. I am in no way connected with the company or the seller. I just wanted to share my experience with the product in an application any of us may need one day.

I have succeeded in breeding a pair of ellioti. I have about 60 fry in a refuge tank and I left about 15 with the parents so they will not become hostile toward one another. I hope to manage to raise some to adulthood. That would be fantastic.

congrats!!! That is a cool accomplishment. I was wondering if you would know much about killin parrots (flowerhornparrot). would they be breedable or are they also sterile? How big do they get? I am picking up some this week and am wondering about the possibility of breeding. In my part of texas, NO ONE has these, I could try to sell them to lfs throughout west texas.



I'm sorry to say that the most I can tell you about killins is that they are beautiful animals. I have no experience with them and I know very little about them.

You have NO idea how desperately I want one of those.

a. Yes, being that they are parrots, the males are sterile. They are a flowerhorn bred with a regular female parrot. They get the same size as any other parrot, and from what I've read their temperment is the same.

b. They are beautiful and gorgeous and I WANT ONE!!! The only place Ive ever seen them is a website for a store in San Diego, and they dont ship to Wisconsin. :( I would sell my soul for one of your flowerhorn parrots. Is there any way you would be willing to purchase/ship one to me? I, of course, would pay you for this.

I am soooo bummed out. They were out of them when I went down this week. I am going to check back about shipping. To fly them, it was about 40 bucks, but ground was around 100 bucks to ship. not sure about where you are for shipping. Here is their website. Give them a shout. I think they have different locations, so it may be different pricing... :)


Keep your chin up. They may restock soon.


I once paid $40 to have one turtle shipped. My Thorichthys maculipinnis (formerly T.ellioti) cost me $20 to ship from one state over.

i will remain focused on my mission... lol i really want one of these guys!

Maybe I can help you, I got the kilin hookup. I'm broke tho so you would have to pay for shipping and everything but I CAN get them. Let me know soon I think they only have 2 left.