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Jelly Bean Parrot Cichlids

Hi, hi! I just found some undyed, home grown Jelly Bean Parrot Cichlids. Should I just have one or could I have three? Now I just have to get my tank set up! Yay!



I don't see why you couldn't have three. Jelly Bean is a very loosely used name in the industry. They could be crossed with convicts, which would result in a smaller adult, or not. Either way a 55 is not a bad choice for three juvies. Years from now they may or may not need a slightly larger tank.

I was assuming they were crossed with convicts but, after looking back at the posting, there's no indication either way. So, from your posting, the crosses with cichlids aren't more aggressive. Of course there are no guarantees but good information. Hopefully they will still be available when my tank is cycled.

You can't cycle instantly with live bacteria cultures (safestart, fritz zyme) or a live sponge filter?

When I have the tank set up I will use one of those methods. And I'm thinking the emergent plants and pond matrix will help with water quality. I considered getting the fish and keeping it in a small tank but I want to be ready with my 55 gallon tank.

it usually isn't too hard to come across them, what area are you in? do you have a few fish stores or pet stores around... Im a HUGE fan of the kilin parrots (flowerhorn crosses) they are rare in my area and soooo beautiful... I would go with a pair of something and just add fun small fish to fill with color... My female parrot is ready to kill my oscar... they are all smaller still, but in a 55 we have to consider they will need their space as they grow... My female parrot also hates my pleco... they battle all during her spawning days...


Yeah, I've been looking for Kilins in the Chicago area but have found nothing yet. I went on AquaBid and there were some in SanDiego, I think. They are SO beautiful. And then I went on eBay and was staring at some flowerhorns some guy was selling from Florida, wondering 'is that a parrot mouth maybe?' He wasn't sure what they were and was calling them Ruby Reds. Mmmm......... Hybrids of hybrids. (I want them.)

I asked the person with the undyed Jelly Beans if they were bred from convicts and she didn't know.

I like the idea of a parrot with other fish.  Also wondering about parrots with a bichir. And I'll say I do like the different catfish.

As long as I'm still working on setting up the tank I can have all sorts of daydreams but once it's done I'll make a definite decision and it'll all become a reality. Hopefully a successful one.


I'm a distant fan at best. If I were to shop for a cichlid that was crossed with a blood parrot, it would be one of these:

OMG OMG OMG, what is that one! It is BEAUTIFUL!!! I would love to have a tank of different parrot crossbreds... :P

That fish is indeed beautiful! I think I should take a tour of all the LFS's in the area and see what everyone has.

Wow! I love them all, from the subtle to the spectacular.

That is the product of a female blood parrot crossed with a red texas. It has to unparalleled cute of a blood parrot and the striking brilliance of a red texas. Cool huh?

Of Interest: Killin parrots are named after the Chinese mythological 'Qi-Lin,' According Brittanica, it is a unicorn whose rare appearance often coincides with the imminent birth or death of a sage or illustrious ruler. (The name is a combination of the two characters qi “male,” and lin, “female.”) A qilin has a single horn on its forehead, a yellow belly, a multicoloured back, the hooves of a horse, the body of a deer, and the tail of an ox. Gentle of disposition, it never walks on verdant grass or eats living vegetation.

found a red texas cichlid online... its only 300 buck... lmao guess I wont be getting one of those...