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Kirin or Kilin Parrot Flowerhorn Cichlids

Does anyone have an opinion on Parrot Flowerhorns? Are they more aggressive? I read an odd statement that their creation had some inhumane methods.



i have an opinion on people that have an opinion on the breeding of bp's or any crossbreds... it is not inhumane, it is nature. it is like a mixing races...... same result.. GREAT OUTCOME. some people are so dumb... I found the kilin parrots in houston, they are BEAUTIFUL!!!

Ooh! Just read a rant on the evil of hybrids. Now I know what you are reacting to. My apologies ~ my question was not meant to be about that.

First let me say that I am not against the blood parrots or kilin parrots at all. I'm planning to set up a tank to have blood or kilin parrots and learning a lot.

I wish I could find the site where I read that the kilins were created by chemical dips and other methods. I'm going to assume it's not true. If I can find it again I'll do a cut and paste.


I don't think anybody was questioning that. I think Nieko was just letting us know how she feels about the anti-parrot/anti-hybrid movement in the cichlid community.

Hi, hi! The debate can rage on forever. I did read, however, one person that advocated killing without remorse any and all hybrids. That I object to totally.

Personally I love all fish and believe in being responsible.

All I was really asking for was everyone's experience with kilins.  


I've never owned one. My understanding is that they are more aggressive than parrots and should be kept as single specimens. The same is true for most of the large CA and SA cichlids. At maturity they like to be alone and will make arrangements to do so.

OK. That's good to know. They are very pretty and would look good with the Thorichthys you suggested but maybe make sure the coloring is different so they don't become confused about who to kill. (? I don't want confused fish. That's my realm. Ha ha.)

Thank you.

Oops. Last part ~ I was looking for people's experience with kilins. Different than blood parrots?

I'll admit that your response frightened me a little, Niekomaster. I'd become aware of the kilin flowerhorns when you reported finding the flowerhorn parrots. Yay! I hadn't seen these beautiful fish before and am considering them for my aquarium. So exciting!

There are cichlid purists that believe in only keeping cichlids that have developed through natural selection and are concerned about overly stylized fish bred in aquariums. These cichlids supposedly would not breed in the wild.  In my opinion, these questions are valid, worth considering and can be debated ad nauseum. Being a cichlid purist does not make one a racist, though. That's a bit of a jump.

Having said that, I'm kind of straddling the line and choose to keep hybrid cichlids. I love the parrot and flowerhorn cichlids.

Dyeing and mutilating is where I draw a definite line. Hybred lovers and haters can go on with their debates. That's OK. Dyers and mutilaters are horrific!


lol... didnt know my statement would be taken so strongly... i have read so much about the anti issue. I thought that was what you were referring to. I didnt mean you were racist. I just meant that breeding is just natural, just like people and not subject to judgment. And I was speaking generally rather than specifically aiming it at you. Im sorry if it was misunderstood. Glad to hear you love fish. PC's are smarter than most fish i have seen. I have not had much experience with the kirin, but since they come from flowerhorn, i wouldnt be surprised if they were a big more aggressive, not able to do much damage, since their mouths are shaped like a parrot...

I'm a little bit embarassed. No offense given or taken. I'm appreciative of all the information I've received. I've also been reading lots but lack experience which is so important. (Arg! My big mouth!) Glad you have a sense of humor as do I!

I have two kirin parrots with my 4 blood red parrots. I don't see them as being aggressive. They are a lot quicker though. They eat out of my hand and get along fine with all their tank mates.

So that combination can be possible. How old are the fish and how big is your tank? Good information!


I have a 75g  with a 6 year old 8" beautiful parrot (jojo).  One 5" parrot (Romeo) and 2 babies (Ozzy and Betty).  The two kirins are aobu 2" (Spike and Lucky) and they get along fine with all their tank mates.  Also in the tank are 2 yoyo's, 2 clown loaches,1 electric blue jack dempsey, 1 severum and 1 peacock cichlid.  There is no fighting.  They all get along great.

Good information. Thank you!

That's a heavily stocked 75. Even minus the parrots and kirins it would be heavily stocked. One medium-size Jack needs a bare minimum 55 gallons unto itself, with 75 being ideal. If there hasn't been any growth-stunting (which cuts their life expectancy considerably) I think you will find that he takes up quite a bit of space one day.

The same goes for the loaches. Unless their growth has been stunted, they will be the size of a football at maturity.

I would divide the stock into two 75's and put 750 GPH filtration (75 x industry-standard factor of 5 x 2 for large bodied cichlids) on each, with 50% water changes weekly.

Yes, I know, that was unsolicited opining. I do that :~) That being said, please post pictures of your bamboo vivarium in the tips and tricks section, and thank you immensely for posting there.

haha, i was like hmm 4 parrots and 2 kirin... nice, then i saw the never ending list of fish... OMG thats alot... they are probaly stunted by now and not exceeding a certain size...

I know.  You are right.  Too many fish that are going to get BIG.  I got a little carried away.  I'm looking for a bigger tank now. 

i would research the needs of each fish and go by that. you will need to rehome the loach, they need to school, meaning 3 or more and require at least 75+ for them alone not counting the school. If you google each species, it will tell you full grown size and tank size needs and whether to house them with like kind or schools. I did the same when I first got my tank. I had 2 pinks, 2 convicts and 2 parrots in a 29 gallon. i quickly rehomed before damage was done, and got a 55 gallon tank to move my parrots to... good luck and if you need help, let us know.


Thanks.  The clowns came with the tank.  I had no idea they got so big.  We have a local pet store that will take them.  They are getting big and starting to bother the parrots.  So Bye Bye Fred and Barney.

Thanks for being so open for instruction. a bit of info for the rest of your tank stock . I would rehome all but 2 parrots and 2 kirin and 2 yoyo's. That still might be a bit for the 75 gallon, but at least, if you filtrate correctly you should be way better and it will give you time to save for a larger tank..

"Also in the tank are 2 yoyo's, 2 clown loaches,1 electric blue jack dempsey, 1 severum and 1 peacock cichlid."


Peacock Cichlid- 40-55 gallons Here are a variety of Peacocks

Electric Blue Dempsey  50 gallons AGGRESSIVE

severum  55 gallons per two alone

yoyo loach max of 6 inches should be good with your parrots.


Thanks for the info.  Someone gave me a 30g tank with 1 parrot  last April and I now have a 55g planted tank with angels and discus and the 75g with the parrots (etc).   I'm looking for a 120g.  I am so hooked.  I just love watching them and feeding them (I hand feed them treats).  A few if them even like to be petted (although I would never tell anyone I pet my fish - lol).  Love this site.  It has give me so much information.  Also, I have top of the line canister filters and I do water changes faithfully once a week.   I read that natural plants and roots help with nitrates so I have live plants in pots and spider plant and pathos roots hanging in the water with the parrots.  Thanks again for the info. 



Your house must look a lot like mine, and you sound like my female counterpart. I just took an aquarium down, which leaves me with ten running; all of which have wet/dry (bio wheel) filters and/or canisters. I have live plants and/or houseplant roots filtering nitrate on all of them. I also hand feed and pet my larger, personable cichlids. Four of my six kids have adopted my hobby and they all have cichlids :~)

Have you read the tips and tricks section? If not please do and please contribute.

Ii like the canisters best. They do a good job and you can't see them.  I don't have 10 yet, but I would if I had more room.  One more 120 and then I think I'm out or room.  I'll check out tips and tricks.

They are fantastic particle filters but they don't have wet/dry capability. It is a shame you can't attach an air pump for reverse wet/dry applications in unplanted tanks. I've always wondered why not. I would aerate the blank out of the media in my canisters if I could.

awesome! I am the same, i have 29 gallon, 55 gallon, 5 gallon, and 14gal saltwater... and about to set up 10 gallon for my son and looking for 120 gal for upgrading and adding. :P i try to pet mine, but they seem to think im made of food... lol


My little kirin (Spike) will go right into  my hand.  I could just pick him up if I wanted to. A few of the others will brush my hand until I touch them.  Its pretty cool.