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Parrot staying at top of tank


I'm new to the site but I've had parrots for almost a year. I just had to get some more because unfortunately the last ones died of fin rot. I bought two larger parrots from a local fish store that had a really crappy return policy and I didn't know what it was at the time.

The larger of the two had a little white spot on its left gill and, since we've only had him for 3 days, I'm assuming it was there when we bought him. He's acting really strange and hanging out in a top corner or up by the front of the glass.

This morning I noticed his top fin was completely out of the water and he looked as if he was having some problems with his balance. He's been eating maybe every other day and I've been feeding them OSI Blood Parrot specific food and I gave them blood worms once, as a treat.

I started putting in Melafix and Pimafix in to try and take the fungus or bacteria or whatever it was to go away. I'm really worried because if he's sick, I have two other parrots in that 75 gallon tank.

If you have any possible answers, please let me know. I would appreciate it very much.



im not an expert on the white spot. The balance could be swim bladder prob. i would suggest fasting them for 1 day then feed peas and fast for 1 more day. this will let him digest the vegetation and clear his system.. as he may be constipated.
swimming at the top maybe fear as well, since he is in a new tank, does he have a hiding spot? How is he getting along with others? what is the size difference. Was the white spot preexisting or could it be caused by bullying in the tank? raise temp to 80 and add additional salt with your water change. a good water change may assist with healing and also stabilize the attitudes of others in the tank. maybe add some dividing techniques to give him adequate space to hide in.

Feed him peas.

Fin rot? All of your former parrots died of fin rot?? Conditions would have to have been horribly unsanitary, and left that way, for that to occur. FYI your water must be changed 50% every week with dechlorinated, temperature-matched water and you must have enough filtration for a 150 gallon aquarium.

We had an issue with a gigantic algae bloom in our tank. We used an algaecide and then when we went to take out the dead algae, we took a little too much water and the ammonia levels started to rise again. We always had issues with high ammonia because I had 8 parrots in their originally. They were all on the smaller side but I knew I bought a couple too many. The tank wasn't unsanitary. We did water small water changes everyday and I took better care of them than I did myself. By the time we actually saw what had happened to one fish, the next day the seven of them remaining died. I don't want people thinking I just threw a bunch of parrots in a tank and then just put food in occasionally. I had those fish for almost a year.


After the last fish had died, I completely cleaned out the tank (rocks, hiding stones, etc). I also waited two weeks to introduce fish to the tank so the cycle would almost be done.

There are two other fish with him and one is about 3 1/2 inches and the other one is about 1 inch. The parrot I'm worried about is probably close to 5 inches. There isn't a problem with bullying or anything and they're quite peaceful. However, when I bought the two larger ones, they were housed with Jewel (African) cichilids and the parrots had some damage to their fins because of nipping.

When I bought the larger one, he looked okay but either I must not have noticed the white spots or something happened over night which I truly doubt. The fish store I bought it from has a really bad return policy saying they do not do returns on live fish and only will return a fish if it's dead and its been less than 48 hours from the purchase. They told me the parrot who I think is sick was there for a year and he couldn't have been sick. If I knew this return policy, I probably wouldn't have bought the fish but I felt horrible that he was housed with really aggressive fish.

I did a 10 gallon water change yesterday and I put mty carbon packs back in (I was trying to add Melafix and Pimafix in the system for the last two days).

He seems to be interacting more with the other fish than he did but he still will go up to the top.

I will try the pea thing and see if that helps at all. I know they're used as a laxative but how would that help?

Thank you for responding to my question and I hope I get some more good answers.

You need to be changing half of the water weekly, 37.5 gallons. I would use microbe-lift's Artemiss for ten days and keep peas in the diet to prevent any constipation that could be impacting the swim bladder. I would also use microbe-lift's Herbtanna every other day with the Artemiss and I would put 1 teaspoon per gallon of pickling salt predissolved in aquarium change water added over 36 hours and raise the tank temperature from 80 (I assume) to 86º. These measures would increase vitality, improve immune response, enhance natural well-being, lower stress levels, eliminate potential bacterial infection, eliminate potential external parasites. Those are all good measures when uncertainty prevails.

2 weeks is not long enough to cycle an aquarium; it takes about 6 weeks. And then you must add fish every 2 weeks, not all at once, to allow the nitrifying bacteria colonies to match the bio load. You must also have 150 gallons worth of filtration and ample circulation on a 75 gallon aquarium. The combined output of your filters should be 75 x 5 x 2 read in GPH to achieve 150 gallons worth of filtration. 750 gallons per hour is your target. I actually have 1160 GPH on a 55 gallon cichlid tank.