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my parrot fish lay eggs. what should i do?

i have 3 parrot fish and 5 tiger barb in my 50 gallon tank. and i saw many eggs in one of the rocks. what should i do? please help. thx.



Watch them. If you have a male Central American cichlid in the tank, there's a possibility that the eggs are fertile. If you do not, it is very unlikely that they are fertile. Male blood parrots usually are sterile.

If the eggs turn white and fuzzy, remove them. If the fish eat the white eggs then no need to worry about water quality deteriorating. If not, take them out.

If the eggs remain clear they may be fertile and some fry may hatch. Watch them on or about day 3.

alright. what if they hatch? what is the next step to do?

In the remote possibility that they do hatch, begin feeding them when they swim around together in a swarm. You will need to grind up food into dust. Feed them many times each day in very small amounts. I stir the food in a cup of water and squirt it into the swarm with a turkey baster. Otherwise they may not find it. In about 3 weeks you can put them in their own aquarium and feed them flake or crumble. 

They can be fed spirulina and baby brine shrimp also.

should i remove them from their parents or not? or should i transfer first the other fishes in my tank?

i would say to just wait 5 days and see what happens. the chance that your parrots have babies is about 1 out of 1000. But if you are the 1 that hatches, keep them with parents for a while, then transfer to a net fry box ( you can get this from the pet store). Let us know if you get lucky and there are a ton of experts on here that can advise you from that point.

ok. i will wait first.

should i remove the tiger barbs in my tank? so that the male and female parrot fish is only in the tank?

nah, parrots are pretty moody and can protect eggs quite well.

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