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Parrot Fish

Hello Everyone...I have 7 Small Parrot Cichlids and 2 small oscars in almost a 20 gallon tank.! Its about 75 litres! All The FIsh Seem To be Fine..But What Temperature Should I keep?I recently kept it in 30 degree Celsius and in the morning the water was very i decided to make it to 28 degrees..!There are No Problems With The Fish ..How Recent Should I do Water Changes And How Much % of the tank?.??
My Tank DOesnt hav any plants and is a pic..

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Assuming that you have filtration rated at twice the standard amount:

One Parrot Cichlid requires 30 gallons of water changed weekly at 50% volume or 15 gallons of changewater. Each additional Parrot Cichlid requires 10 gallons of water minimum. Your stocking requires a 90 gallon tank with 45 gallons changed per week. Minimum.

One Oscar Cichlid requires 75 gallons of water changed
weekly at 50% volume or 37.5 gallons of changewater. Each additional Oscar
Cichlid requires 50 gallons of water minimum. Your stocking requires a 125
gallon tank
with 62.5 gallons changed per week. Minimum.

The fish you have placed in a 20 gallon aquarium require 215 gallons of water with 107.5 gallons of water changed weekly. Your aquarium is 195 gallons or 738 liters too small.

Kindly return all of the fish or buy two real aquariums. Temperature is irrelevant when all of the fish are DEAD, which they will be quite soon if you do not act.

This is either the worst case of overstocking I've seen posted on this board or a truly vile web troll doing what truly vile web trolls do.

Thanks a lot man!

How many fishes can i keep??.. :/
:( Ill give it bak to them!

and btw who are u i mean?


You can keep 20 small tetras or platys in that tank. NONE of the Oscars or Parrot Cichlids are suited for it.

But all the fishes are fine..

ANd I cant afford a larger tank :(

No, they aren't fine. They are being poisoned by ammonia and nitrite and their own urine and excrement. Their growth is being retarded by a build up of hormones, which are concentrating as I type this. They will soon begin suffering from the unmet Biological Oxygen Demand. At maturity, those fish would literally fill your aquarium. There would be no room for water. If you further retard their growth they will never reach maturity or die of natural causes. They will die of organ failure as their dwarfed exteriors crush their normal interiors.

You can't afford a larger tank. I understand that. I can't afford to buy any more tanks at the moment either. That means I can't afford to buy more fish, which is the error you have made. You bought fish that you couldn't afford to properly house. Unfortunately the only humane course of action is to rehome them or return them.

If you felt you might be able to afford a larger tank in the near future, you might keep one of the parrots. Craigslist is a good place to buy cheap tanks. Used, but usually quite cheap. I have found many bargains there. I bought an entire 30 gallon ensemble with canopy for $40. That would house a BP nicely. I also found a 55 and a 75 with stands and canister filters for $100 each.

Broncomaniac is right. Your tank is way way way to small. It will kill your fish. If you had 1 or 2 SMALL parrots in the tank they might be ok for a few months, but you have 7 AND 2 oscars!!! You should not have even 1 small oscar in a tank that size. If left like this the oscars will most likely kill all the parrots then turn on each other. They are not fine. Do you want to kill them? Would you like to live in a closet with 8 other people and never be able to get out? Take them back and tell the workers at the pet shop that they should be ashamed that they let you buy this. I own a pet shop and would never never let someone do this even if I lost a large sale.

unfortunately fish stores will tell you that you can have these guys. Please google the size that these oscars will get, they will actually be big enough to not move in that tank. This is animal cruelty. Please return them all and wait for a larger tank. Please study up on fish size at adult age when you choose fish to get for a tank. You can get molly's or guppy's for your 20 gallon tank. The 20 gallon will even make a baby parrot miserable alone. although Broncomaniacs statements are very BLUNT, I agree with him. They may look ok, but will have severe health issues soon. The damage is already happening. Please understand that the fish stores have a HUGE filteration system that you dont see behind the wall of those small tanks that house the fish they sell to you. They also sell enough fish to not get them sick with the small living space which is temporary. Please take your fish back to store. I really wouldnt suggest keeping even 1 at this point. I would say to try again later.

Thanks all for the comments...

But I dont knw wether the pet shop guy will take it bak!

Ill try!

Can i keep 3 parrots and 2 oscars?

Can i Keep My Existing Fishes In a 60 gallon tank! maybe about 1 metre one!

Coz the petshop guy wont take it back!! :O :/ ..

so i hav a plan to buy a 60 gallon on my birthday..

26th october!

Hi Phenom. Did the pet shop guy sell you the tank and all the fish at the same time? Was he aware of the size of your aquarium? If so, he was grossly negligent and you or your parents or both should demand that he correct his error. Insist that he allow you to return the Oscars and one or two Parrots.

The Parrot Cichlids would be a little cramped in a 60. The Oscars would not work at all. I know they're beautiful, fun fish to keep but they need very large aquariums. 75 gallons for just one fish! And massive filtration. Your 60 will have to have oversized filters too, large-bodied cichlids are messy.

Yea I did Tell Him About The Tank...And Im sure he knws well..

But The oscars are small when they get big i can change it??..

so ill be buying an 1 meter or 60 to 75 gallon aquarium for all my fishes !

you should be able to return the fish for no refund at least. if not call to other fish stores..You will not get your money back. this sucks and is the reason for researching fish before you buy.  2-4 parrots would be great in a 6 gallon, but not oscars. they get really big.

What Do You Mean.??
I can keep 7 parrots in my tank and give away the oscars? :O :/

sorry typo. keep 2-4 parrots for your 60 gallon tank. Return oscars and 3-4 parrots. Maybe get some variety of tetras (6 for schooling), like 3-4 cory cats and maybe a small species pleco. You HAVE to return the oscars and 3-4 parrots tho. If anything, post them on craigslist for free or small profit. :)

my too oscars were very active there are behind the filter and one is lying sideways..and the orange colour has turnd white for one of dem :( WHATS WRONG

We already told you what's wrong. I told you the fish aren't fine. If you don't want to watch them all die,  REPLACE ALL OF YOUR WATER RIGHT NOW WITH TREATED WATER THE SAME TEMPERATURE. Then take them back. Why haven't you rehomed these fish yet or returned them to the store that did this injustice to these fish?

I bet your tank wasn't even cycled yet and the ammonia and nitrite are off the scales with that overstocking.

YOU are KILLING your fish. CALL ALL pets stores and TAKE ALL of your fish back. YOU can only have SMALL species fish in YOUR 20 GALLON tank. YOU can not wait for the NEW TANK... EVEN IF YOU do your fish WILL DIE before the new tank is set up and ready. STOP ASKING ADVICE and take your fish back... How old are you? if you are a teen or younger, can you get your parents on here and let them read this? It is really important that this is taken care of....

Listen Im buying a new big tank...

plz plz tell me how to cycle and all :(

Yes. You mentioned that. But you still won't have room for the oscars and will only have room for half the parrots. Rehome your Oscars and half of your parrots and continue changing the water in your 20 gallon every day, at least half of it.

The nitrification cycle:

An aquarium should be running for weeks before adding a fish of value,
with lesser fish and fish food introduced during that period. During
this 4-6 week period the nitrification cycle occurs. Toxic ammonia (NH3)
spikes and Nitrosomonas bacteria more heavily colonize and convert the
ammonia to equally toxic nitrite (NO2) by stripping oxygen molecules
from NH3. With NO2 now present, Nitrobacter bacteria more heavily
colonize and convert the nitrite to relatively harmless nitrate (NO3).
Water changes reduce nitrate to safer levels, but should not be
performed until the later portion of the cycle (and then routinely
thereafter). Once the ammonia spikes and is then reduced along with
nitrite to zero ppm, the nitrification cycle is complete and it is safe
to add display fish.

You will need a master test kit. Your 60 gallon tank will need a nice, big, oversize filter or two. I have three huge filters on my Blood Parrot tank.

Determining the water change schedule for your new aquarium:

Stock your aquarium with lesser fish and wait until you achieve zero PPM
ammonia and zero PPM nitrite. That means the nitrification cycle has
completed (about 5-6 weeks) and you may begin gradually adding display
fish and live plants if you so choose. Leave the lesser fish for future
quarantine procedures. Step 2) Once the nitrification cycle is complete
and your tank is stocked, check water parameters weekly for a month
until you have determined that no ammonia or nitrite register. Record
your nitrate level weekly, and do 50% water changes as needed to
maintain 20 PPM or less. After 30 days, you will have a good idea of
how much ammonia/nitrite are being generated and converted into nitrate,
and how often and how robustly you will need to address the matter.

Im a Teen... :) ..

And One of My Oscar Already Died its colour totally changed to white..

the other one has its half tail gone and a bit of white colour !


Incidentally, you've made it very difficult not to conclude that you are trolling this board as you obviously have deliberately ignored all advice, and you glibly relate to us the preventable death--and dying--of two intelligent, personality-rich animals.

I see that your pictures were taken (with a Blackberry 9300) on the same day you joined this site and posted "New To Parrot Fish! Please Somebody Comment." Also, a web index search of 2,022,772,063 images indicates that this is the only virtual place your three pictures exist. Accordingly, I'm inclined to believe that you really do own the 20 gallon nano cube and really have overstocked it.

 I, for one, am through advising you and I sincerely hope that no other users come to your assistance in the future. Nobody can be this obtuse.

Hmm.. :| !

Listen i dont know what to do with the fish!
No pet stores are accepting it :(

How did u know that all information man? :O :/

if you care about the rest of your fish, please give me your parents number, i will call them and inform them of whats wrong with your tank, so that they can help. maybe they dont understand the issues that are going on here.

But i dont live in the us Or Uk..


please call any fish store and take back your fish. please. they are dying slowly. what do your parents say?

The Oscars could have gone into a horse trough, a plastic tote,  a 55 gallon trashcan, or a bathtub. They could easily have been saved by anyone who considered the warnings we gave.

this is true. wish they didnt have to die...

Just read your congratulations comment and i'm cracking up. I have not heard the word obtuse used since watching the sure shank redemption movie... you are

I'd give him 60 days in solitary if I could. There's no excuse for this level of animal cruelty.

I am horrified by what I've read here. Please either IMMEDIATELY (meaning the moment Youve finished reading this post) move the fish to SOME KIND of water tight LARGE container, a pool for all I care, filled with at least 75 degree F water, and go door to door in your neighborhood and post online, check all pet shops, WHATEVER, JUST FIND A NEW HOME FOR THE FISH.


Take your naivity, negligence, and reluctance to do proper research or take our advice seriously, away from this forum and do not come back. On behalf of all aquarium hobbyists: you (for the above listed reasons), your parents (for letting you do this), and your pet shop owner(for letting you purchase these fish) are all morons, and we do not wish to communicate further with you. I weep for the loss of the beautiful and personable fish you have killed, and are still killing.