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hi there i am thinkin of sellin my bps



ok wot lol i think they wood b happy in tank on ther own

So would half of the other fish in your tank. That's why I wrote:

 "Hello, Don. I see that you are new. Welcome to the site. I'm not trying to be mean, but whoever told you you could "get sum more in there"
should be drawn and quartered. The fact is, you need triple the amount
of aquatic real estate you have. Barring a new, large aquarium tomorrow,
please rehome the plecos and gourami, and pretty much all the other
fish you have in with the BP's.
Move them to at least a 55 gallon
aquarium except for the plecos, which you should promptly exchange for a
school of bottom feeders that are better suited to a small aquarium.
Plecos that are not dwarf varieties don't benefit your ecology in any
way, and are in fact a liability and detriment.

The aquarium you put the BP's in is only suitable for the BP's. They either need a new place of their own or that place to themselves."

I detest learning that you still haven't taken action. You provide only two dimensions on your aquarium when asked. To make myself feel better about your overcrowded fish I am pretending that you have an 18" deep aquarium and not a 12" or 13".

The fact that you are considering selling your blood parrots instead of buying them an aquarium, or evicting the other fish, speaks volumes. I would rather endure a corn chip enema than part with my BP's. I think most of us here would.

hi there look i am it being funny but i have been to many fish shops and they al hav sed my bps would b fine with al my fish and have been i hav had fish since i was a kid and no how to look after them. the tank hasnt got to many fish in it and the catfish has now gone to a new home in a bigger tank and i wasnt just selling the bps i was selling all my fish because i wanted to restart my tank thats why. and my tank is 2ft deep and 3and1/2ft long al my fish r very happy in there and do not fight or hav ever had any think wrong wid them so think they r fine!!!!!!!!!

"my tank is 2ft deep and 3and1/2ft long"

Still only two dimensions...

" I would rather endure a corn chip enema than part with my BP's"


 You are cracking me up Broncomaniac!

if u rather do that u need to get out more then dont you at the end of the day they r fish

"if u rather do that u need to get out more then dont you"


You are so wrong, Don.

Yea, they are more than just fish, they are our beloved pets!!!!!!!

Yeah, they mean a lot to us. We don't just get fish to say look I have fish and you don't. We have fish to look at and feed and take care of and play with. We have fish because they make us happy, not to just have them. If you think that you should just get more fish or get rid of them than you don't understand the meaning of keeping fish.

Well said, good sir. Well said.

Thank you very much. Mam/Sir? um sorry. I don't know which to put?!


Strange how i was thinking that Ma'am was right. I was actually gonna write ma'am but I wanted to be sure. Haha strange world.

Uuuuh. No. And here I thought it was weird when Chrisplosion called you "she" a while back.

I'm a sir/dude/guy. I would have thought that was obvious by my wicked alpha personality. :~(

Hmm Well then that is VERY strange. But Maybe it's your username. And yeah when Chris said that I was like whoa whoa whoa that is weird. Haha lol sooooo sorry for the mix up. haha

hahaha yall have me laughing tonight!


I don't know about that. I've been using broncomaniac for 12 years and nobody has ever gotten it wrong before. I was pretty sure you were a guy, even after chrisplosion (who I assume is a male, even though "chris" could be either male or female) called you a girl and I assume from your user name that you're about 17. I knew a kid who called himself "boppy" and I thought he was a girl for about a year; we all did. What kind of dude calls himself boppy ?

Nieko, m or f ? Just curious. I guess we all make assumptions unless the user name has a gender-specific word in it.

Well yeah, I figure that Chris is a guy. His youtube is Darthgir2 and that doesn't sound like something a girl would put. And Actually I'm 13 turning 14 august 21st. My username comes from my first name Josh And my last name Elliott. So yeah like Jelliott and the 9995 well that's my address.

No, it doesn't. But then neither does broncomaniac. I figured it was 9/9/95 as in a birth date. Assumptions really are seldom accurate.

Or should I say" you all" or "you guys" are so smart. Guess what I am then m/f?  Just joking!  You should already know.  Anyone here from the Southern U.S.?

no clue here... what are you? lol

Not really. As has been so artfully illustrated of late, assumptions are seldom accurate. Your name could be Sony and the A could be an initial, or your name could be Sonya. I assume that you're a she when I read your posts.

Southeastern US here. Virginia to be exact.

I am a 34 year old female. My name is Sonya, with mcc being the first three letters of my last name.  The numbers 77 represent  1977, for the year I was born. I am originally from Alabama, but currently in Memphis, Tn.  A southern gal with a heavy southern accent. I was being sarcastic when I said "yall are so smart." I like yall(you guys) though, you're my kind of people!!


how funny! I never even noticed the sonya in the name, i thought sony and thought you could be a game geek or teen... LOL i am southern and use the word yall in its truest meaning! I like talking to yall! lol


Looks like we are close to the same age.  I have children too.  Two knuckleheaded boys ages 9 and 11. They just love to argue, matter of fact it seems like that's all that they do. Thank Goodness they start back to school tomorrow.  My hubby is an engineer and he runs an aerospace division near memphis. We live out in the boonies and have all sorts of wildlife come up to our front door. I am an aquarium enthuiasts and my husband tolerates my hobby. I went to college, but after the kids were born, I became a full time stay home mom .I am really more like their own personal taxi driver, maid , and cook!  But I love being avaliable for my kids.  My fish are my  babies and I love them too!  My dearest hubby likes to refer to them as just fish. Instead of a crazy Cat Lady He referrs to me as the crazy fish lady! Yes he is one of "THOSE" people. Oh well you can't have it all. LOL I really enjoy talking to all of  you guys!!!

This is me!  Do I always look pissed off?  Yes...LOL


Wow our school doesn't start till Aug, 29th your kids must hate that I sure would. Man these posts are getting very cramped.

starting a new post lol look for friends

well... im a female. 32 yrs old to be exact and i am from texas. everyone assumes niekomaster is a guy thing. it is actually a splice of niekolette and master into one. I have used that for all emails and ID's for about 10 years now. it is my daughters middle name. haha more girly stuff for ya. I am a kid at heart though and love my fish! I have learned so much from chrisplosion, who is infact way young that i really gave up on guessing ages... apparently his brain is more mature or has more oxygen than mine! LOL I love this site and even though i dont know much about each of you I love reading what ya'll have to write on here about your fish. what about you broncho?

And Melliot and Jelliot are both cool names! your a youngster to be so responsible for fish and tanks. GREAT JOB! thats impressive!

When I read your reply to Jelliott that just read "ma'am" I wondered if you were telling him that YOU were a female and he thought you were telling him that I was That was my hunch at the time.

What about me? I'm a guy in Virginia and I'm older than you :~)

Chrisplosion certainly IS highly knowledgeable. I have referred board users to him several times.

Yeah the name Melliott Is for my mom Michelle Elliott Jelliott is me Josh Elliott. Um so yeah I'm turning 14 in August. I live In Versailles, Ohio. I have an older brother and younger sister. I usually use Jelliott3707 Since the 3707 is part of m Phone No. But I went with my address this time. Lol. Yeah Chris is like SUPER smart. But so are you when you post and so is Broncho when he does. But lately Chris hasn't been commenting or anything for that matter it's strange. Yeah it feels great to help other like new users figure stuff out and to have a place to go if I need help. Also it's weird to be 13 and have all these grownups. It's pretty cool actually.

lol... it was prolly the lack of testosterone in my words... LMAO


See, he doesn't feel that way. The post that started this thread, "hi there i am thinkin of sellin my bps" is a clear indicator that he isn't one of us. I could no sooner sell my BP's than my dog. I would rehome one if there was an unresolvable aggression issue or what have you, but just doing away with them is not an option. Their entire aquarium ensemble, and the accessories thereof, were purchased exclusively in anticipation of their arrival.

Yeah I had a 20 gallon which I thought was a thirty gallon. I then got Terry and Pete. So then I got a 40 for ONLY my bps. Which leaked after a while (hmm I must have never mentioned that). And now I got my 55. And when I got home the day that my dad bought the 55 at a garage sale, the moment i saw it the first three things that popped into my head were, How big i it? What's wrong with it? and Now my BP's will have an appropriate home. I didn't say WOO HOO now I can get more fish. I almost cried tears of joy because Terry and Pete would be happy.

and a 1and 1/2ft wide .....

If you know all three dimensions, why don't you know how many gallons it holds?

Hey Don,
No Offense, but I find it EXTREMELY hard to read any of your posts. Can You use correct grammar, instead of putting r fore are, now for know, and stuff like that. Also can you use periods and commas. It's nothing personal but seriously I can never understand you so it would be greatly appreciated.


No kidding. That style of writing is fine for texting your BFF but it really has no place here, Don.

" I would rather endure a corn chip enema than part with my BP's" Hahahahahahahahahahahaahahaha! You are cracking me up Broncomaniac!

More Like OWWWWWW!!! But I understand What Broncho means.

Yes I agree with Broncomaniac....just they way it was put was pretty funny.

Yeah at first i was like, "Ok? What's a cor chip enema?" So I asked my dad and he said "Well, It sounds like it would hurt." So I looked it up and I was like OHHHH I see I see. HHAHAHAHAH lol

Hey, slick. Your dad must be thrilled with that. I hope he doesn't add this site to Net Nanny exclusions; I'm waiting to see how your 55 turns out!

Oh He doesn't really care. I meant to add pictures of teh finished stand but the camera wasn't working. Today we are moving around the furniture in out living room to put the aquarium in. I'll see if i can get the pictures it's going pretty smoothly.

Gosh you guys are rowdy. Don, i think they mean no harm, but are trying to tell you that your tank is simply to small. this is an avid bp collectors site full of very educated fish owners who care about the health and long term care of your fish. having it overstocked without a fish store filtration set up and daily water changes your fish are going to have long term health problems and damaged formation. I see that it took a wrong turn in communication, but you need to get guppies or something small if you wish to have a high count of fish. no large fish. get smaller tropical fish such as mollys. some people just enjoy tons of fish swimming, understandable. get mollys :)

Yes, I have to hide my sparkling personality somehow. Yea yea that's it! It's a cover up. No I smile alot, I just don't like fake smiles for pics. I have to feel like smiling and frankly I wasn't feelin it. Broncomaniac...why did you take down your pic? You look nice. I thought that you would look much older. You seem very wise by the way you answer questions. Yes we can all be called Thread Jackers now!!! Sorry Don.

I didn't. Looks like maybe ParrotiChlidGirl deleted the entries with pics that were not fish-related. I wondered. Actually, it looks like ALL of the pics are gone, fish and all. Hmmm.

Thanks for the kind remarks.

wel i hav dogs aswel and they are loved like my fish if i didnt look after them i wouldnt of had them for the last 2 years with out any of them dieing would. any way they hav been rehome down my mums in a tank of there own now and are very happy in there. and if u new me and my wife she would tell you i don't stop talking bout my fish, they get a water change once a week and i really take care of them and for you to say i dont upsets me. any way i dont no you and u dont no me so wots the point.... thanks .....