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pearl cichlid in 55 gallon?

So now that my 55 gal is empty, and I'm working on getting the nitrates under control I was wondering about putting a geo. brasiliensis in there when the time comes. They were selling small ones at the fish place. They are cute as hell now, and I know they grow up to be gorgeous! Just wonderin what you guys think?


Yeah I think that should be fine

Not a bad choice by any means, butIf I were only going to have one cichlid as the star of my 55 gallon show....

what is this? :)

That's a red spotted severum. Has a nice discus-like quality about it, eh?

Hate severum so much lol......

Hate severum so much lol......

You never explained why you hate them? I'd like to know because I like the way some of them look and a couple of them were on my maybe list for new fish.

Yeah tell us

He's beautiful! Looks just like my male BP, just spotty :)

Similar body shape but with markings that almost rival a discus.

Rumor has it that Chrisplosion has history with a severum, and things ended badly. Mum's the word.

LOL, hush hush it is then :) Anyway this is an amazingly beautiful fish!!!!! Absolutely striking.

Lol nothing like that, just hate them, not a serious fish to keep.

They don't have the awesome personalities that Jacks, Oscars, BPs, pretty much all the other SA/CA cichlids do, but the red spotted are gorgeous fish and for a 55 gallon aquarium, one would make a nice "centerpiece"s kickazzkatie described it.

Im still really attracted to the green terror or pearl cichlid. All in all, I think those might be my choices. Unless some other fish I don't know about pops up and is absolutely perfect! lol. Ahhhh, decisions!

Crossed with a Blood Parrot, a percentage of fry come out looking like this:
Oh, you look just like your mother but with your father's complexion.

So, you just hate their personality? Why are they not a serious fish to keep? And I love those spotted up there, but I doubt I could find them. I still seriously thinking about the Geo. Thought about a Jack, but I think he would get to big.

I think most aquarists would agree that a 55 is the minimum for a Jack. Have you seen the electric blue?

I love mine, which is in a 75 but would be right at home in a 55.

Lots of fish stores carry red spotted severurm. Mine would order one for me, won't yours?

I would Like to have an EBJD in my tank. I have a 55 gallon. And I was wondering if I could Kep a EBJD or even a plain Jack Dempsey with two BP's in the 55. But I've never seen an EBJD around here They are very cool!

Sorry, slick. The JD would eventually spend all of his free time attempting to purge his personal 55 gallon aquarium of all intruders, including the trespassing BP's. They generally need a tank unto themselves.

Yeah that's what I figured since this post is about the "Star" Of KickazzKatie's tank. lol Slick?


It's a term of endearment, trust me.

If nothing else I'm getting ParrotCichlidgirl's bandwidth allotment spent with all the photos I've posted in the last 24.

Yeah I know sorta what it means......My mom calls me the same thing lol

JACKS ARE EVIL LITTLE HUNGRY BA$$$$tards... lol just my opinion (after 2 babie jacks ate all my corys and yes i said babies)

Further support of my perpetual assertion that Jack Dempsies neither want, need, nor tolerate tank mates. Mine tries to kill the fish in the neighboring tanks.

thats just plain mean!!!!

2 of mine look like that. they grow fast 8 inches in a year.


Broncomaniac, are the pics of fish you breed? If so are they parrots crossed with Red Severum? I have a pair of reds and if the babys look like that sometime I'll have to try it to. If not yours do you know what they were?

Those are not my fish. The first few are various incarnations of the Texas cichlid, which is one of my suggestions for kickazzkatie's aquarium. She wrote "Unless some other fish I don't know about pops up and is absolutely perfect!" I'm playing (red) devil's advocate :~) Not unlike the JD, I think most hobbyists would agree that 55 gallons would be the minimum for a TC.

The Texas cichlid is one of the few that will happily pair with pretty much anyone, including a BP. The last pic is a fry from a Red Texas ad BP cross.

Haha but I have to ask. If you can breed them with BP's can yo0u house them with BP's?

Texas cichlids are aggressive and ornery. It is possible to house them together under ideal circumstances but you'd have to have a very large tank. It would be best if the TC had paired with the BP or there might be trouble.


Those are really beautiful! Especially the red one with the spots, kind of looks like a flowerhorn :)

I will check out the texas cichlid, thanks