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quick question, i like puffer fish, can i have one in with my cichlids? just wondering. also, do you know any information about types of puffers that literally puff up? I have been watching them on youtube and they are CUTE. I did watch one tear a guppy in half though, so i know they are aggressive or hungry!





You want one with your BP's?

just wondering about them more than anything. could they be kept with my bp's?

I have one and have been forced to isolate it. They like to chew on other fish. I don't advise one in a community tank.

thats funny! I want one that really blows up, but i think those are salt water types. look on youtube, they are sooooo cute

no don't do it. they are almost always very very mean.

No don't add them, more then likely what you want to add is a Green Spotted Puffer and they are aggressive and Brackish Water fish so they don't belong with Parrots anyway.

yeah they green spotted puffers and all puffers will nip on other fish. I think There is like an MBU puffer which is freshwater but it gets like 16 inches.

k. they are really flipping cute thooooo. guess ill have to jsut watch them on youtube... lol

They are cute :)