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dwarf Kirin Flowerhorn and Parrots together?

How do you think parrots would get along with a dwarf Kirin Flowerhorn (5 - 6")?  This fish is supposed to be a hypred of a Flowerhorn and a parrot.



Dwarf means nothing, assuming they mean Shortbody.

If its a true Kilin Parrot and not a Shortbody Flowerhorn then they should be fine together. True Kilin Parrot will look like a Blood Parrot in every way (aside from body color and marking, those will look like flowerhorn), round hump body, beak face, and deformed mouth that can't close. If it doesn't look like that and can close it mouth then its a Shortbody Flowerhorn and I wouldn't suggest housing them together.

Look at the shape, this is a kilin/kirin parrot

This is a Shortbody Flowerhorn