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Skin peeling

Hi Folks,

I have blood parrot and it doesn't look very good today. I noticed a couple of days ago, its fins had some fraying and white fuzy looking spots on the fins and body.  Also the head had some pits in it.  I may have over medicated the the fish even though I followed the directions for 30 gallon tank.  I also did a 1/3 water change before I added the medicine which was two days ago.  Today I noticed what appears to be peeling all over his body and it's breathing pretty hard and it's lays at the bottome of the tank.  When I saw this, I changed the water, 1/3 or 10 gallons.  I put purified water, water conditioner and stress coat to the newly added water.  Also I notice he was very aggressive the last week and lack of interst in food which was very odd since he's a normally peaceful and happy to eat his meal.

Is there anything else I can do to help speed his recovery? Everyone please pray for my fish because he's been a great fish. I hope he makes it through tonight.

Any help is appreciated!



It sounds like your fish lives in truly bad water conditions. Do you have a suitable (read: vastly oversized) filtration system employed? Do you do scheduled water changes? What you've described sounds like a fungal infection and a case of HITH disease, both of which are usually attributed to poor husbandry. Nobody really knows what causes HITH but it is thought to be caused by either a pathogen or a secondary infection, which in your case would be secondary to a fungal infection.

HITH can be cured with metronidazole, though he will likely have scars. Keep the aquarium temperature up to enhance his immune system while he recovers. 85º would be good.

There are lots of ways to treat fungus. Clean, lightly salted water would be a good start. The salt will also enhance your fishes immune system while he heals. 2tsp per gallon of pickling or aquarium salt will do. You can ask about an anti-fungal medication when you buy the metronidazole. I prefer Microbe-Lift products such as Defend.