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Name for my blood parrots and male or female?

how do you tell if your blood parrot is male or female ? ones bigger and hides in the clay pot the other hides in a house and comes out alot more and is not quit as afriad and also what should i name my two blood parrots?


Hello This site is great! I just got two yellow parrot cichlids today...I think they are beautiful. I wish I could tell them apart...Would they breed if they felt comfortable in their new home eventually? Do you consider them to be a hearty fish? Hoping to have more time to browse this site.

Welcome both of you. Here is a fact sheet that will educate you about your new family members...

It will educate you on all the questions that you have. I really love my fish and researched them prior to buying them. Alot of people don't and have inadequate tanks set up for them, I advise to read this and go through the topics on the left side in blue and at the top of this screen there is a ParrotCichlidPedia that is most useful as well. My BP's kind of named themselves. Homefry and Guppy, the names will come to you... as you learn about them you will decifer wether they are boys or girls and that will help alot! :)

Calvin Coolidge and Rasmussen.