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Life Span

Hello friends,
i have set a new aquarium with 35 gallon water.
and i have put a pair of yellow paroot fish and two pair of tiger oscar.
actually i want to know what is the life span of parrot fish?
and with my aquarim condition how much time they will take to full grown?
please also provide me if their is some extra usefull information regarding parrot fish.
thanking you all in advance


With what fish you have in there I don't expect them to live long. In correct condition and care they can live around 10 years and Oscar can live around 15 years. Your tank is dangerously overstocked. Oscar need a tank that is at least 48" x 18" so at the very least a 60 gallon breeder and you have 2 which shouldn't be kept in anything less than 100 gallons. Blood Parrots require at the very least a 30 gallon tank for 1 Parrot.

If you keep your fish in that tank then they will be "full grown" in a few months because they will become severely stunted and will die really really soon. I suggest at the very least you get rid of the Oscars.

you do need to get rid of the oscars. the tank is way way too small for even 1 all alone. they grow very very fast and even in a small tank they will get bigger then they should. as they grow they will most likely kill the parrots. then they will kill each other. in a very very large tank this might not happen but it still might. you should be able to keep your parrots in the 35 for awhile. but only the 2 don't add more. even at that a 35 is small for 2 parrots. they get big. 10-12 iches. how would you like to live your whole life in a small box. if you can't get a bigger tank why not just keep fish that will stay small?

I sincerely hope this is a troll thread. You are about 245 gallons short and your Oscars will kill each other.

Chrisplosion, note that OP wrote two pair of oscars.

.................yes I hope this is troll thread to because otherwise those fish are all gonna die.