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Black spots on my parrot cichlid.

Hi everyone!
I am brand new to this forum. I need help.

I have a year old Red Blood Parrot Cichlid. I noticed today that he has developed black spot like marks on his spine, sides and fins.
I have a 55 gallon tank that has been running for over a year and was cycled with gold fish before my tropical fish were added.  All water parameters are perfect, Nitraits are 0, Nitrites are 0 Ammonia is 0, water PH is 7.5 and water hardness is at a 5.  I have had the tank sitting at 76 degrees the entire time I have had my BPC in there. I have not added any new fish in over 6 months.
Currently in the tank is one BPC, one Bala Shark, one Betta, and a handful of guppies. So i know the tank is not over crowded.
I currently do water changes of about 20% every 2 weeks, I change the filter media every 4 weeks and I clean the gravel about ever other month.
Does any one have any suggestions as to why my very much loved BPC has these spots?

Thank you,



Do a 50% water change and bump the temp up to 80F

I'm with Chrisplosion. Given that your water chemistry is fine (though I have to wonder where your ammonia and nitrite are going if you have zero you have a planted aquarium?) I would look elsewhere for the source of the stress spots, and temperature is a good start. The link posted below contains a wealth of information on bp health and husbandry.

I find that everytime my Bp's get black marks they grow a little bigger. than they go away. i hoped that helped.