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I was called for keepin these fish

Hi everyone Ive got 3 of these lovely little fish I love havin them but i was made to feel really bad today at the pet store for buyin and ownin them. I just went in for some genral advice on them to do with breeding and stuff I did look up on them before going and even before buying these guys. But god when i ask the guy that worked there I got a right degree sayin that Im cruel for keepin the and that Im supporting the breeding of them and that these fish should be banned and all sorts but the pet shop had some of these fish in. My 3 are well cared for well feed and never want for any thing



Yes, Blood Parrots are at the center of controversy, as are a number of other fish, and quite a few animals in general. To each his own. Mankind has no qualms with hybridizing most plants or animals--we do this to hundreds of species (and we EAT THEM-- but there are exceptions that seem to generate debate. I own BP's and they seem genuinely happy, and that is important to me.

Ask the employee if he has any dyed or tattooed fish there. If he does, he is a hypocrite for perpetuating cruelty by working in that store instead of standing out front with a picket sign.

To Broncomaniac
I agree with what you say about the different breeding of most species and thats not looked upon.
They did have parrot fish in the store but not dyed, he said that he had rescued them but I spose it rescue when you know your going to sell them on.
And to top it off he even owns one he said.
I was made to feel real bad because i gave a home to 3 of these little fish he even tried to say that mine were dyed fish. I told him I have 2 orange ones and a red which Ive had from very small and all I do is feed them good stuff to keep their colour and like you say yours are happy and so are mine
Ive only just become a memeber of this site since owning my little friends.
I like all the info everyone give to each other and the pictures.

Ask this fine, upstanding gentleman why he resold the fish, instead of euthanizing them, if their existence is such a crime against nature.

A pet store in general is not a good place to be getting advice on fish unfortunately.

Lots of people do not like Blood Parrots for various reason, mostly because they are hybrids and they are deformed. I love Blood Parrots, they are my favorite fish and one of the main reason I got so deeply into this hobby. Aside from the cosmetic surgeries on them I don't don't see much that is cruel about them. There are a the occasional few that need extra attention because of a severely deformed mouth or gill but most live healthy normal lives under proper care.

I have 6 and I wouldn't consider getting rid of a single one.

It was a fish store where i went i didnt buy mine from there I went there because I knew I had saw them in there.

I agree with what you say alot of people dont but he should have kept his views to him self I Love them Ive always wanted one but was into other fish and not have much luck with them. I gave bps a go went I saw my 1st one in a little pet shop in my local town centre I brought him. I took him home and gave it a while to see how I would get on with him then I went back into the shop and saw another one and bought him. Then to top it off I saw a really dark red one and had to have that one and now Im hooked on this little fish I love them.

Mine have been healthy and live a very normal life glad Ive found this site its nice to talk to people that share a love of a fish

Technically they are simply crossbred, they are not mutants created in a lab. Man Made does not truly describe them, it took two fish to procreate and make a parrot. my kids are the same and they are not mutants or abominations, just brats... much like my fish.. :)