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male parrot

Helloo guys,

im new to this community and bringing up parrot fish, i recently bough a pair of parrot fish and the LFS people told me like we never get a male parrot always we get only a female parrot is it true?
he told me like if v need to bread v can cross it with devil fish is it so???
and one of my parrot has few white patches in her body is it white spots or just the color has not come out properly?
Thank you.

i have them in a 2ft x 1ft x 1.5ft tank is it fine?


If i am not mistaken, i seen you posted on another post that you have 2 parrots in a 23 gallon tank.
you need a larger tank. 2 parrots maybe 3 in a 55 gallon tank, they get big and need lots of room for territory. You can get a male and a female from a fish store. MOST fishstore employees are idiots and will lie to get you to buy more than you should get. Male BP's can not fertilize the eggs, they are sterile since they are a cross breed. It is said that flowerhorns and red devils can breed with female BP's but in all the time that I have been on this site, I have not seen ANY success. If you are new to this site then PLEASE read each post about parrot care. It is important because these fish live for a long time and are easy to abuse. Like I said, 2 parrots need more space and better water conditions. 23 gallon tanks are for tetras or guppies, not big fish like cichlids or goldfish. Before you go buy more fish, please try to learn more about the ones you have. Thanks so much! :)

Read this, it should answer all of your questions.

thank u guys :)
ya its me again it think as i dint know where i posted it so had to re post sorry...
sure ill try to get a bigger thank before i make plans to buy new one :)

hi im also new and trying to find out if my parrotfish is male or female, it belonged to my neighbour and was attacked by his other fish when i recieved it it was upside down and almost dead i corrected it by turning it the right way up about 3 times in all until it was strong enough to hold itself in that position,that was about 8 month ago now and its the pride in my tank and very healthy hes fun to watch chasing my redtailed shark as its getting its own back from when the shark chased it when it was ill, it looks identical to the ones on your picture at the top of this page, i only have the one parrotfish and my tank is a 5ft one so hope its big enough, i named it hannibal since i caught it one day with a guppys tail sticking out of its mouth so hope it is a male lol

Their underside will have a small tube thing, if it is rounded, it is a girl. If it is pointy it is a boy. since you have had him for 8 months with no eggs, I would assume boy... congrats its a boy!