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4 small parrot fish in a 20 gallon tank, can they be good in it?

they are small, they told me at the store that 4 would be fine in my tank, and now some guys told me that the tank is small? the fish are not even bigger than a gold fish... thay are still small, very shy thou, I've seen videos of people with 55 galons tanks and with a lot of these fish, more than 10, so, I don't get it... Thanks!
Here is a pic of the aquarium , you can't see the fish because the are hidden ...

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One blood parrot needs at least a 30 gallon tank, and you should add an additional 10-15 gallons for every fish. You should get at least a 55 gallon tank for your parrots, it will make them much happier. Most pet stores offer only misleading information, four will not be fine in a 20 gallon tank. They can grow up to 6-8 inches long!

You ask anyone who knows about fish that is not trying to sell you one and they will tell you that is too small tank for those fish. I have a 20 gallon tank and I have several parrots (in my 125 gallon, not the 20 gallon) so just looking at mine and looking at my fish I can tell you that that tank is not suitable for even one Blood Parrot.

You need at least a 55 gallon tank with at least 75 gallons worth of filtration. Most Blood Parrots will grow to 6-8" in a healthy environment. Your will probably stop growing at 4-5" and will live a shortened life because of it. On top of that they will develop Hole in the Head because the water quality will be terrible.

This is what Hole in the Head looks like

you need a much bigger tank. i had 3 in a 55 and i felt that was too small. mine are in a 125 now and they are happy and healthy. buy the way a common goldfish can grow to 3 feet long so yes the are smaller then a goldfish. 1 common gold fish should have 72 gals of water will grow to 3 feet and will live for 40 years.

Than you for your answers! but I have a new question, I know that there are two kinds of parrot fish, the blood parrot fish and the jellybean parrot fish (which I think 3 of mine are), which is smaller and don't grow too much, so, if we follow the rule "one gallon of water for 1 inch of fish" each of my parrot would have( if they grow 5 inches) enough room... I've seen videos of people with these fish, more than 10 in a 55 gallon tank, so, it is not logical for me that 4 couldn't be good in my tank. What do you think?

The one inch of fish per gallon is for small bodied fish like neons and white clouds, not for cichlids. As was recently pointed out in another thread, you certainly couldn't keep a 15" oscar in a 15 gallon tank. For cichlids, you take measurements in all three dimensions.

There are actually several kinds of parrots:
*Blood Parrot
*King Kong Parrot
*Kilin Parrot
*Jellybean Parrot (just a dyed Blood Parrot)
*Jellybean Parrot (dyed shortbody Pink Convict, does not count as a Parrot Fish)

Yours appear to all be Blood Parrots.

There Overstocking and then there is Japanese Domestic Market Overstocking. Overstocking a tank is can be ok as long as you know how to properly keep fish (which you don't) and you at least meat a minimum tank requirement (which you don't). In order to keep your fish healthy in your tank for life you would need to have large filtration (75+ gallons worth) and you would need to do daily 25% water changes. But even if you could do that its still too small a space. Look on craigslist, you can always find cheaper tanks than you can in the store.

Youtube and fish stores are not good places to base your decisions off of. And this is a good example of that.

The 1" per gallon rule is not just for length of the fish and it does not apply to cichlids.

Take a look at this, I added a section on identifying Parrots.

"4 small parrot fish in a 20 gallon tank, can they be good in it?"

Depending on how it was aquascaped, even a 55 might be pushing it. A 75 would be fine.

We promise that we are not just being tough on you, it is just that there are alot of people that buy fish and place them in small tanks, like the one shown in the video. It would be like putting a dog in a small kennel and leaving it there for the entirety of its life. no where to run around or poop or even eat without its poop water being to strong, good filteration will not make up for the lack of room to swim, they need exercise also and love to chase each other, my 2 parrots are already taking up ALL the room in their 55 to swim, i will have to upgrade to keep them happy, they need the space to function properly, you should either rehome or upgrade, keep 2 and upgrade to a 55. :)