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4 shy Parrot Fish

I recently bought 4 Parrot fish, they were small, the latest I bought was a little bit bigger, anyway, they are 4, but very shy, they never swim around the tank unless the check firts that nobody is watching them or that nobody is in the room, whenever I walk into the room the swim very fast and hide behind this log I have in the tank, I'ts been already a month, I even put more rocks so the can have more place to hide and fell more secure but they are still shy, what should I do, I read that it takes time until they get used to me and their new home, but a Month??? Please someone help me, at least they eat (I give them flakes, I put a little in the tank and then I have to go aeay and turn the lights off or they don't come out to eat. Help!!! thanks


I would like to add that my tank is a 20 gallons tank, with filters for 40 gallon tank, water in perfect conditions for the type of fish, so, I don't understand, at the beginning they were developing black spots but these are gone, please! help me... It's boring to see just water and rocks in the tank.

The size of the tank is your problem, you need 30 gallons for 1 parrot alone, then 10 gallons for each additional. so your looking at about 60 gallon tank that you need. The stress is because they dont have their own space (which is REALLY important for these fish) and the condition of the tank is poor. Probabaly to much waste at this point, even with high 40 gallon filter. The filter may also be stressing them due to not a solid bio set up not allowed to form within the tank. I suggest either rehome all or get an appropriate tank for them. I would try to get at least a 55 to make 3 comfy... Sorry to be the bad news person... I hope you get it situated soon so they dont get sick

Yep. You need a much bigger aquarium. 60 gallons at a bare minimum. A 75 would be better. A 75 would enable you to include some dithering fish to make the BP's more comfortable.

I have two BP's in a 55 with 250 gallons worth of filtration. The rating on your filter assumes that the filter is sparling clean with brand new cartridges. Your filter, reated at 40 gallons, is probably only rated at 20 gallons at the moment.

And Blood Parrots are Parrot Cichlids, not parrot Fish.

Blood Parrots go by many names and one of them is Parrot Fish....

A 55 would be fine for 4.

Yes, they are mistakenly refereed to as Parrot Fish by many, especially overseas. A 55 would presumably contain about 52 gallons of water. 30 gallons for one Blood Parrot is thought to be humane, with ten additional gallons per additional fish. 52-30=22/3=7.3. Do you really consider 7.3 gallons for each additional fish to be ample? Really?

Well for starters the rule of thumb is just a starting point, something to go off of. Also 55 gallons actually can hold 58 gallons. Obviously the more water and space the better but I see nothing wrong with keeping 4 Blood Parrots in a 55 gallon. Theres nothing wrong with overstocking a tank as long as you know what you are doing but I do not think 4 parrots in a 55 is overstocked.

Hell I could keep 1 in a 20 gallon long if I wanted to and keep it healthy without stunting its growth or having it succumb to Hole in the Head.

I have two parrots, one 5" and the other 6" in a 55 gallon tank with live plants, black gravel bottom and great filtration with plenty of TLC, they love attention. I use finger movement to get their attention and then hand feed.
They both recognize me as soon as I come into the room, but shy away until I lower myself to their level and move my finger in a way they recognize, then their happy and right up to the glass waiting for a treat, cichlid pellets.
If I were a parrot cichlid and in your aquarium, I would feel like I'd been promised an olympic sized swimming pool and given a bath tub.
Bigger tank, fewer fish, only choice you have or they suffer.....
Good Luck

why i see a lot of videos on youtube where people have bigger tanks with more than 12 parrot cichlids? they seem to be good. They are only 4 small fish in a 20 gallon tank, they have let's say at least 4 gallons for each one, rocks and a log to hide, and this people on the videos only have them just with few rocks and water, I don't get it ;-/

Just because someone else has done something doesn't mean you should or that it is a good idea. 4 Blood Parrots will make a lot of waste and it will build up much much quicker than it would in a larger tank. As the waste and hormones build up your fish will become stunted. Stunting is where the body of the fish stops growing but the internal organs continue to grow eventually killing your fish. Stunting greatly shortens its life span of the fish and is considered animal cruelty.

So if you care for your fish and value their live then you should buy a much larger tank or rehome them. If you truly don't care then by all means continue what you are doing.

If you like, you can use Youtube's embed codes in your posts so people can see the video right in the post.
Fun video, btw

I heard from my LFS that getting a pair of parrot fish is never possible, he told me that we always get only female fish. is it so? is there any chance to get a male parrot too?
and he told me devil fish ll be the right part for parrot to mate. please tell me if these facts are true.
i have a 23 gallon tank and it holds only a pair of parrot fish, i am planning to get one more pair your comments on it please :)