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New baby parrots!

Hi everyone, so yesterday I purchased two baby (very small) parrotfish so keep my larger adult parrot fish company. One baby is pure white, and one is bright red (like the adult). The adult doesn't seem to mind the white parrot, he only chases her occasionally, but the orange one he chases all the time! Do you think this is because they are the same color? Also, I know its only been a day and I shouldn't be too worried, but how long does it take for them to become friends? also, the white parrot, will she change color? Thanks


well the orange one may be the same sex as the big one as the white one maybe not what does the white one look like  like is the dorsal fin the same as the others or is it like bent or have like a dent in it also is the mouth deformed like a bp's or is it normal because the white one could be like a jellybean or pink convict cichlid

Jellybean are pink convicts....

Actually there are several fish referred to as Jellybeans:

* Blood Parrots (dyed)

* Short Body Pink Convicts (dyed or undyed, this is the most common you will see)

* Pink Convicts (dyed or undyed)

* Blood Parrot x Pink Convict (dyed, these are seldom seen)

Lol, I like how you replied to my post and copied a previous one of mine word for word. Only fish that are Jellybeans in book are Pink Convicts.....

Well, I made the same assertion in a thread (jellybeans ARE pink convicts) and you replied with the list of other fish that are called jellybeans. So it surprised me to see a post 2 months prior where you wrote the same thing I wrote (jellybeans ARE pink convicts) . I'm glad you found it amusing. Oddly enough, the same thread contains another seemingly contradictory post.

"Jellybean Parrots are just short body pink convicts but theres lots of
misinformation saying they are a cross between a parrots and a pink
convict and its not true." Note that the last example you furnished of fish that are called jellybeans was "Blood Parrot x Pink Convict (dyed, these are seldom seen)." I know, I know, the fish people are calling Blood Parrot x Pink Convict usually aren't.

Idunno, I'm in an odd mood tonight. Forgive my jocularity.

No matter who wrote what, I very much appreciate both of your contributions here, and these fish types and names are indeed rather fuzzy in most people's minds. Let's remember how easy it is to misinterpret written communication as angry when it's not really intended that way.

Thanks to both of you for sharing your knowledge here.


Oh, I wouldn't worry PCG. Chrisplosion and I have a decent rapport and I certainly respect his knowledge and advice, which I have sought personally. I'm sure he takes my posts in the intended spirit.

Your right it is easy to misinterpret what is being read. Not being angry or anything, its just the way I come off sometimes.

Names are stupid but in my book the only TRUE fish to be Jellybean Parrot is the Pink Convict whether it be shortbody or not but they shouldn't be called that since they are Convicts. If its a dyed Blood Parrot then its still a Blood Parrot.

The name Jellybean and Bubblegum Parrot should not be used because its a pointless name for a fish that already has a name.

Part of the problem is me being to lazy to properly explain what I am talking about.

The white one has pointed dorsal fins and the orange one has rounded fins, so I think that was is a girl. The white one has a deformed mouth and body just like a parrot, just white/pink color. The orange one has a fully functioning mouth , but it shaped perfectly like a parrot. They are extremely adorable, I need to get pictures up.

I fixed it.


Bottom right appears to be a Shortbody Pink Convict AKA Jellybean and the one on the left is a normal Blood Parrot.

Sorry - something seems to be wrong with the second picture.

Oh ok, I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but thank you for fixing the other one :)

I am convinced that the little pink one is not a pink convict, but a mix of the pink convicts and a blood parrot lol.. I researched the pink convict and she looks not much like that except her color,,, maybe shes a parrot and is just too small to be orange? Or maybe shell be pink forever lol.. Not sure... They're so adorable though, I feel bad though the other orange baby NEVER comes out, I see him pop out maybe once or twice for a couple of minutes and as soon as something spools him he goes into hiding. I really hope he'll be ok.. I'm thinking about buying one more baby just to see if that will help him :/

If it looks like a parrot then its a parrot, if it looks like a pink convict it is a pink convict. Jellybean Parrots are just short body pink convicts but theres lots of misinformation saying they are a cross between a parrots and a pink convict and its not true.

Oh, I wouldn't worry. Chrisplosion and I have a healthy rapport and I certainly respect his knowledge.

You guys got me thinking about a couple of pink convicts I used to have - two females, very tiny. Smartest fish per ounce I ever had! They would cooperate to protect each other against oscars 20 times their size, and they took over a tiny castle and made it their home. They lived about 8 years.

Then later I had one blue "Jellybean", dyed, who had a much more discus like body shape, but also very small. He didn't live long, and that was my introduction to the concept of dyed fish.

The dye is hard on their liver and kidneys so thats partly why they die sooner. My parrot pair likes to case away my oscar which is much larger than them. Always funny to watch them work together.

hii everyone thank you for responding to this post! i wanted to update everyone who commented, that the pink baby has turned orange and now looks like a blood parrot! they have both grown about 5 times their size and are happy and healthy. So yeah, turns out baby parrots can start out pinkish white lol. =]