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What makes Blood Parrots

For some of you who are wondering what fish made Blood Parrots, the original fish used make Parrots were Midas Cichlid (Amphilophus Citrinellus) and Redhead Cichlid (Vieja Synspilum). There is a lot of misinformation saying Severums were used and thats how they get their shape but this is not true.

Severums (Heros Severus) is a South American Cichlid so it cannot hybridize with any other Cichlid than another Severum. Central American Cichlids are so closely related that they all can hybridize with another so you could cross a Convict Cichlid with Red Devil Cichlid or a Firemouth Cichlid with a Green Texas Cichlid and you would get fry from the mix. So while you might get a Severum to pair with another fish, it is impossible to get fry from the mix.

This article explains the origin of the Parrots, although there are a few errors from mistranslating it is correct for the most part

This person here has cross a Red Devil Cichlid with a Redhead Cichlid and got somewhat Parrot looking fish This person did not use a Midas Cichlid but the original was indeed a Midas Cichlid. Midas Cichlids for the most part grow nuchal humps which was a trait they wanted in the original Parrots as you can see here Now when you cross a Redhead cichlid it gives off a fan tail, and white eyes which you can see in any Parrot.

So the original parents to Blood Parrots are Midas Cichlid (Amphilophus Citrinellus) and Redhead Cichlid (Vieja Synspilum).



I certainly appreciate you taking the time to clarify that, Chrisplosion. Aquarist websites are fraught with nonfactual data concerning blood parrots. Hell, just looking at the ads that support this place while viewing THIS page, I encountered the same information you and I have been discussing.

Look here: "A man-made hybrid between two South American Cichlids, possibly a Red Devil & a Severum, the Red Parrot Cichlid has quickly become a popular aquarium fish."

Ironic, isn't it, that this particular ad ran on your thread?


That article was an interesting read but I can't help but question it's info if they think gold sevrums are descended from parrots.

My understanding is that gold severums are a result of the crossings that eventually led to blood Parrots; a byproduct of the process.

I really don't think so. They are a natural species Heros Severus, just a gold color morph like how a white skirt tetra is a morph of the black skirt tetra. They can't even breed with parrots so how could they be descended from them?

It is not saying that severum are a descendant of parrots. It says that the gold one is a product of what happened along the lines when cross breeding prior to creating parrots. so the cross breeding actually created a mixture of new fish, not just a parrot... one being gold severum. Not that they came from parrots.

My bad I meant related not descended. But I'm still positive they are in no way a product of any fish used to create parrots. I've looked and looked and looked and can't find anything about a parrot x severum cross. This is because the are to genetically different (from parrots AND their ancestors). This being the case there is no way a severum was used at any point in a parrots creation and are not a by product. It's a shame too I was hoping my gold and parrot would cross but my research indicates that it is not possible. Just a color morph of a green severum.

im not sure where Chris got his info, but he is usually quite effecient with his research, maybe he could give you some of the sites that helped him draw the conclusion. He hasnt been on here in a while, but has proven to be very helpful when he was a regular. send him a message