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Convicts & Parrots

I have a parrot, he is small, 3 inches. He's very shy and lonely, and I want to get him a freind. I was considering just another BP, but I saw these little Pink Convicts, they don't get too big (6 inches)which is nice, But I've heard they are very aggresive. I only want ONE because I dont want ANY breeding. Would a single pink convict be too agrresive for my little sissypants parrot?


I saw your comment about him being shy. Mine became more social once I added tankmates. I think it does give them bigger gonads because they have to come out of hiding to set their boundaries. once they are out, they seem to like it enough to stay out more. How big is your tank?

I only have a 20 gallon right now, but hes very small. I will be getting a 40 (maybe more) gallon in the upcoming months. I have about dozen little barbs/tetras/guppies in there with him, but he doesnt seem to notice them. (Theyre feeder fish for my Oscars in another tank). I also have a male and female beta. My BP seems only to notice the Betta, who he occasionally chases breifly when he gets in the way of his food. (Only time of the day he grows a pair, is when the food comes out. lol) I also have an apple snail, whom nobody notices or cares about.