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My Parrots

Been awhile since I have posted mine. I have 8 total spread out through 3 tanks (130g, 75g, 55g).

Mr. Bubbles, my first parrot





Ellen if you could fix the picture that would be great, said I had reached my max disk space so it wouldn't let me upload.


Butters is still a beauty! Guppy still has her black spots too, I think they add character. Love Marley! He is sooo big now... what happened to your flowerhorn?

I rehomed them to make room for my 4 Synspilum

what is a synspilum? I am bummed about your rehoming! I really wanted to see babies!

Vieja Synspilum is one of the parent species used to create parrots, the other being Amphilophus Citrinellus aka Midas Cichlid. Here is one of mine

Went back to the store I sold the Flowerhorn too and they still had him so I bought it back. Gonna try for the Kilin Parrots again.

awesome fish

Nice big are they now?

when you got butters was he or she always that color or did the black come later

No she was brownish black and as she got older she started to peel/fade which is the process of the baby colors being replaced with adult colors. So as she got older she turned more orange. Shes a slightly different breed of Blood Parrot, I have 2 other like her who have the baby brown/black color.

You were able to keep parrots with an Oscar? My boyfreind and I have two fish tanks, a 75 that he has 2 Oscars, 2 Pink Kissing Gouramies, 2 very old Silver Dollars, an upside down black catfish (used to be mine), and a ginormous pleco in. I have a 20 Gallon (soon to be upgraded to a bigger tank, so dont freak out on me.) with a little Parrot in it (like 3 inches max), male and female betta, and various tetras, barbs, and guppies in (feeder fish for the Oscars). Mark keeps telling me that I should put my little parrot in with his Oscars, but he's such a shy little guy. I've had him for maybe 9 months, and hes still a sissy pants. I would think that the big bad giant oscars, pleco, and small amount of hiding space would stress my poor little parrot to death. How do you get your Oscars and parrots to live peacefully together?

Well lots of people keep parrots and oscar together. I have kept parrots with Marley since I got him. I have had small 2" parrots in with Marley and he was fine with it. It might work depending on how big the oscars are.

Sorry, took me a while to notice this one - these are great pictures.

Loving your Oscar, do you think it would be ok to introduce babies with an old BP he's about 8"

I think adding them would be fine unless the parrot is overly territorial. But oscar need at least a 48" x 18" foot (height doesn't matter much) so at least a 60 gallon breeder or 75 gallon minimum. Oscar grow very fast, I bought him a year ago tomorrow and he has grown from 1.5" to about 10".