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Help me please I think one of my red parrot cichlid is dying

I just got my two red parrot cichlids 2 days ago, I don't know much about them or really how to take care of fish in general when they get sick or what to look for when they get sick.
But this morning I woke up and noticed my smallest one, I named luna, was on its side barely breathing. I got her up but she keeps laying back down or leaning against the tank wall, I'm afaird she's dying and I don't know what to do....I know its only been 2 days but I already love luna I'm scared and don't want her to die.



1. Check your water, pet stores will do this sometime if you don't have a kit.
2. How long has the tank be running?
3. Do you have any hiding spots for them, they are very shy when they are little so it could be trying to hide from you.

1.I can't check the water right now don't have a kit or a ride to go get one, ill buy one soon. The water does look cloudy tho so I'm going to clean the tank.
2. Its only been running for 2 days I bought the 2gallon tank when I got them
3. I have some plants in there but not together when I clean the tank ill make it so there's a hiding spot for them. Do u think she's just laying on her side to hide?
She either lays on the tanks edge or lays on her side, my other red parrot cichlid, toyota, nudges her up when she lays down and has been supporting her up for the past hour, never leaving her side.

Im sorry that some people are sooo RUDE. Chris is right about the space. you need a minimum of 40 gallon tank or a 29-30 and take one fish back. I would do a 50% change in the morning and at night until you get a bigger tank. DONT believe pet store folks.... you really need to research before finding a fish. if you dont mind me asking. are you young? are these your first fish to own?


Thanks Lisa

What kind of fish store lets someone walk out with 2 parrots and a 2 gallon fish tank? The parrots are reacting to the ammonia that building up in the tank and it will kill them in a few days more than likely.

You can either take the fish back immediately, buy a much larger tank (at least 40 gallons), or let them die. Those are your choices. I don't mean to be blunt but no fish should live in a 2 gallon tank, not even a betta.

I suggest you change the water completely once a day until you can take them back.

Oh...ill change the water everyday and go tomorrow for a bigger tank, when we where at the pet store, I asked what type of tank I should get and the guy said cause they where babies still that a 2gallon would be fine for like a month till they started growing....I didn't know any better and I figured the guy was telling the truth.....

They tanks not cycled so the ammonia builds up. I would look on craigslist because you can get bigger tanks cheap.

I agree with this.

You are, sorry to say, kind of an idiot. Why would you go out and buy any animal without doing research first? Was it spur of the moment? Because what you did was totally irresponcible and you are hurting lives. Take them back, you don't deserve them...

You obviously dont know that they can grow to be 10 inches and need 40 gallons minimum for one.
This pisses me off.

you may be responding to a teenager or child that has never owned a fish and is counting on a petstore ADULT PROFESSIONAL to guide them in the right direction. I think that you are being insensitive and this sight is for help, not judgment. You should only comment if you have something positive to say. You could have attached a site with information about blood parrots? did you try to help AT ALL?

 This is a good site for just basic information about the fish.

Well aside where it talks about the parent species, all that info looks about right.

Then that childs parent is at fault, and they are irresponsibe and are teaching their children to be careless and selfish and incosiderate.

And who cares if its a teenager. Im 18, and have had my parrots for 6 years, and have had no problems. When i was 13 I bred Angelfish for a LFS, and I was breeding guppies and platty's from the time i could walk. Being young is no excuse for being stupid. People who don't care enough about someones life, someone who cannot do anything for themselves and rely on us, as owners for their wellbeing, should be allowed to have pets.

at least they were smart enough to come on here and find help. that is what this place is for. Do i like ignorant people that do not take the time to learn about the purchase before the purchase?, not so much, but at least they can still be taught to do the right thing. that is why it is important for us to offer solutions, not just batter them for being ignorant of these things. just saying... would you like someone to call you an idiot and offer no help?

When I got my first blood parrot, the guy put him in city tap water and flopped out of the tank into the bag. When my mom and I said that tap water isn't what he should've been using he said "Oh really well i'm new here so sorry." and then he walked away to get the person who knew the basic procedure. But while he went to get her he just left the bag to sit flat with the BP in it!! So there is my first BP lying flat in a sink and I was like oh no but then the (experienced) lady helped us and gave him stress coat and everything was fine. So from now on just ask if they have had experience with fish or something most of the other Petstore people seem to know what to do, but every once in a while....... Also don't be afraid to speak up and say something if you think they are doing something wrong.

Help, my cichlids are turning pale and lathargic. I have two rp cichlidsin a 29 gallon tank, dont lecture me, I know I need a bigger tank, not here to hear the bs, my rp is just laying there, eats sometimes, but for the most part it just lies there looking pale. 29 gallon tank, I know!!! 2 rp cichlids, but babies, 3 corey cats n a pkeco, 0 Ammonia, ph 7.8 to 8, temp 82.5, I put live plants in the tank, are there  some live plants they dont like? Could make them sick? Water wisteria and mondo grass, something like that, help, before they die