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I have a new tank and I`m all new at this so can you give me your opinion I have a 40 gall tank with 1 BP and 1 Jack Dempsy I want more fish but idk if I can if you think my tank is big enough for more fish what fish should I get
P.S Jack Dempsy - 4in
BP - 4.5 in


No, your tank is already overstocked. Jack dempseys require at least a 55 gallon.

Hello, ittybittyemily. Your 40 would be fine for the BP. Perhaps even an angel for companionship. But it is much too small for the BP AND a Jack Dempsey.

Incidentally, I know of a pair of large BP's in a 37 and they are quite healthy.

i didn't think angels could go with bps as they had different water parameters and the bp would nip them